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Friday, August 24, 2007

Im still alive not dead!!
well I'm still here law not inactive just been busy working on this game that my associate and I have been working on for quite awhile its a MUGEN game (really good stuff) called EVE we put in lots of anime characters and characters from other games as well! but that what has been sucking up my time its gotten to the point of long nights editing the files and what not but its worth it lol and I enjoy doing it.!

Been kinda paranoid lately..ever since i played Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented I keep getting the feeling that one of those ghosts is gonna phase through my bedroom door and attack me and take my soul or kill me in a super gruesome way..=[ O know they dont exist and i know i should stop playing but I cant its like awesome and stuffs just like F.E.A.R.

Under the weather...

I guess its just the before school depression but I have been a little down lately don't know why but i guess its just me no im not going emotional or anything i just suppose it is just that time of year where summer loving kids like me get a little down about going back to school but at least i will have a nice wonderful year (I hope) any who..

It occurred to me that theotaku.com still hasn't posted my wallpaper i sent to them like 3 times lol? are they refusing to post it it for some reasons..I meet the standards of the requirements..of the submit form..is it cause they think i ripped the wallpaper from somewhere?? Cause if thats so i find that highly unlikely..cause I made it myself poured about 2 hours into it too T_T wonder what happened to it >_> hmmmm oh well mighty gods of otaku I get the point no more Project X wallpapers <_<

Oh in case your wondering if Kagome and Sango ever got in a fight Kagome would win cause she is the awesomness!!
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oh here is one with Tifa in the game to lols!
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and you cant really see but that is Saber kicking some major butt!!

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Well this is the end of like the longest post i have made lol if you want to try out EVE (everything VS Everything) you can download it Everything VS Everything V.71

Its late here so ill try my best to get to all your sites if i dont have no fear under josh is here!! *crickets chirp* what? it was my attempt at a catch phrase D:

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