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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   New season comic means busy busy busy >
if your wondering hoe come i havent been so active lately its cause my Team and I are working on the new season addition for Crazy undone comic!! it too us 2 weeks just to get the first one done lol and im thinking of airing it here for you all to see it is not as random as the other 4 this time we are adding story line to it so its more awesome and epik!!!

anywho on a side note i have been so sick lately from i think what is called a summer cold..due to going into hot weather then coming back into the house still a little sweaty from the playing outside then the cold air getting mee sick and stuff something like that


i know many of you all are very good writters and stuff and want your idea we can turn it into a comic for ya give you credit and everything lol just mail me or my teammate Amy

me: quickman09@hotmail.com
Amy: amy_yumi_san@hotmail.com

anywho getting off that little ad there I have found out that trying to run with dry ice dropped in water and then suddenyl BLAM i sware my ears were ringing for what felt like 15 minutes...it was as if a grenade went off near me just without the killing effect LOL XD

future site updates!!!

yes it has come time for me to update my site once again but this time its going to be some heavy maintenance (ohh i sound special saying that!!) so if you happen to drop by the site and its all messed up just blame my horrible HTML skills but maybe a nice theme based on a techno/trance scene is in request since that is orginal rofls XD
knowing this its gonna take me a LONG time to work it right lol and i need to know how to get it like ther other people have lol if you know any super kool HTML friends care to ask them to help me lol XD

anywho well imma go spamm all your sites again and then rest for the rest of the day (might not et up till like 3 PM (its like 3 AM now when i wrote this rofls...)

well love ya all much loves!!
Project X

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