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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

   Why?? T___T
They still didnt put my wallpaper on the thing =[ how depressing...why what did i do wrong to them...=[

Anywho I havent been up to much i have been away for the past few days watching my baby cousin and stuffs...but other than that its been boring rofl...

sorry you cant see the video right and stuff...xD

if you know of lucky star and you have heard of this song then you will laugh xD

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hmmm...wheres my wallpapers o.o? xD
apperently i sent in 2 wallpapers like 1 day and a half ago and they havent seemed to have uploaded them =[ wonder why =[

anywho I just got me a copy of Age Of Empires 3 (REALLY good game and addicting) and cant seem to stop playing it lol

Also I think im starting to become a super fan of Fate Stray Night (not saying its a bad thing but LOL) grrr why wont they upload me pwnage wallpapers =[ (one of them is the one im using for my background)

Anywho I cant wait to go to the water park tomorow!! or is it today...cant really remember i think its today some kinda of work party my moms boss is hosting at Wet-N-Wild <----rofl i thought wrong on that (SHAME ON ME) well seems the weather is finally clearing up and it shouldnt rain for anohter 3 days or so (knock on wood) AHHH how i cant wait for school to start and then hurt my brain in Pre-CAl this year which looks sounds like a lot of fun O____o??

Sorry about my lack of keeping up to date on posting been busy and such =]

(mainly flaming people on fourms that think they can flame a admin thinking that they own >_>)

But enough about that lol xD

I hope your all doing great not gonna make this a SUPER long post cause i dont have much to talk about O__o? or im too lazy to type it all out o_____O?? xD

Well off to go spamm your sites *evil laugh*

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

wow it seems that im really starting to lose my tennis skills *whines kicks a small pebble* anywho my dog decided it was funny to jump and get a nice big mud paw print on my coveted Minutes To Midnight Linkin park shirt T__T...

ARRG i owe the library 5 dollars in late fee lmfao borrowed a book and forgot to return it all summer long lmfao >__<

unforunetly i got me a a copy of the super spunky harry potter game (is addicted to ie like meth) and i finshed reading teh book even after that stupid Jay Lino ruined the ending for me -_- *sets J's hair on fire*

other than that I have been doing well i got simi sick somehow but got over it in a day strange the power of chicken flavored ramen!! FEAR IT!!! LOL

I got "borrowed" copies of the linkin park DCS now making me a fanatic!!! D:


yes im going to comic con next year in San Diego gonna wear a full samruai armor set with fully equpied katans!! and im going to fry in my armor D: its HOT in that thing and its like 60 pounds or somthing how people ran in this is beyond me but it makes me look like i have super buff muscles *super huge grin* but im still glad that i went to E3 this year OMG I WANT HALO THREE!!!! T___T

well i dont know how much longer i can rant on about random things...



Dizzy: Wtf O_o he has officially cracked

Yuna: does tha mean i get to hit him over the head with a shovel and bury him in the back yard o.o?

Dizzy: Nuuu that is for when he gets better life insurance Yuna -_-

Yuna: *throws shovel hitting random cat* BLEH..
*cat screechs* "I know where you sleep at night!!"

Josh: is there such a thing as Japanese toast >_>?

Dizzy: someone hit him before i do

*yuna hits Josh with a chair*


Yuna: kinda late for that...

Josh: *dazed* coffee peanut? X______x

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Something funny today....
oh my god this was funny I was talking with my mom about how evil my little brothers are when se isnt home...so as i was tlaking to her my 3 little brothers come at me with their foam bats and they started attacking me T__T all my mom did was record the whole thing as they beat me down with foam bats it was evil!! I SAY EVIL!!

then it rained again so i decided to run outside and see what rain tastes like so i stand with my mouth open and eyes closed then "WHAM" a hail stone hit me squre in the forhead next thing you know im running around in circles yelling in pain *sigh*

but other than that nothing more intserintg happen tonight (yes its like late here lmfao)

Im thinkgin a nice game of FEAR Extraction Point will help me sleep well tonight ROFL (T_____T)

*throws out many copies of the latest manga realses hitting many people in the head sending them into a anime coma*

-Runs over to the knocked out people and takes their wallet- *shifty eyes* not like he needed this...

*flys off on a umbrella*

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

At last i have finised the new things to my theme atlast lol (took me a long time to get it right lol)


I hope your all having a great day and stuffs

and is now taking requests for making you a theme lol im borrrrreeeeddd T_____T

well nothing intersetng happned here except I better and now I am grounded for running in the rain screaming OMFG WAFFLES!!! xD

well i dont have...much to say...err...boring life i have T__T >_<

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

busy busy busy busy
i hate the month when shcool is ready to start been school shopping like crazy -,- real nuceinse if you ask me lol

Josh: Hey look omg its the return of the horrily written scripts that may be used in my comics!!!

Dizzy: horribly written? 5 minutes ago you wrote them and said they are god <_<

Josh: LIEZZZZZ >___________>

Jam: Josh you need a bigger text box it doesnt fit right in this crapy one that you urs and you cant even see the bloody font!!! D:<

Josh: well you 2 go wait on a corner and- i mean we just need a donation!!

Bill Gates: did someone just say donation/?

Josh: *dies happy*

sorry havent been on latley with all this annoying school bidness going on its more of a challange to get on lol ill get to everyons site who updates today >____________<

and i got sick again DAMN IT T___T

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

as you can tell Thunder sotrms hit sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*gasp*ooooooooooo
hard that it killed everything eletronical in my area (and i got furstrated and call a lighting bolt a few nice pleasnte names and it struck a telephone about 30 feet from me scared the ###t out of me)

hope you all didnt think vanished O_o well i did but it was due to nature T___T

anywho nothing new except there is a HUGE lake in my backyard (3 days of rain is purty) and i attempted to go fishing out my window only caught 3 rock though!! SO HA!! BEAT THAT!!!

wel its gonna suck for the rest of this week nothing but T-Stroms and rain!

T__T but i do love rain lol i just hate the thunder and lighting that kills my internet T__T

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

   I LIVEEEEEE!!!! (well atleast I think I do LMFAO)
EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Im still alive lmfao!! Sorry I have been busy with many things lol (playing F.E.A.R. IS SO ADDICTING!!!!!) Anywho well today it was all clear until around 5 PM then these dark clouds decided to roll on over and rain on my parade killing what ever was left of my internet xD (ahhh internet I knew thee well!)

Well Today i was talking to Roselia (a girl i am really good friends with on the phone) and its been ages since I last called her so i as NERVOUS X_x yes I have felings for her but i was soo like trembling as i talked to her I think she knows that I was nervous too lol and she purposely tried to umm tease me LMFAO ahh this day has been wonderful and I love it!!

OHHHHHHHHH in "Josh's Bordem Time" I came across thie video!! its called P.A.N.I.C.S.
that stands for People Acting Normal Crazy-Ass Situations (omg i love that lmfao)

here is the video (RATED M FOR CUSSING!!! D:<)

awts it doesnt fit perfectly D:<

Well this person has to go and deal with people complaing about a few bugs in MU SnakePit (private MU Online server lol)

well also if you guys have MSN or Yahoo add me


Well Project X out!!

*gives people free money*

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   w00t new theme!! (and more nightmares T__T)
LMAO as you can see its a new theme of course but this theme is from one of my favorite games called F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon. And let me tell you something when you see videos of of a grown man who cant play this game alone in the dark that tells you something about how freaky this game is. But im one of those "HA let me see" kinda of people...and frankly i wish i DID listen to the guy when he said "Guys unless you have the money to pay for PTSD therapy dont play this game alone or in the dark its not worth the nightmares D:"

but nooooo Josh thinks he is bad ass and is not scared of anything D:< now I am more paranoid than a person who just saw a ghost D:

any who also been busy working on the crazy undone comics as well (still haven't Finished #5)

mainly because i am addicted to my new harry potter book :)) *pets the book and the other books too* call me crazy but i love these books simply fun to read!!

WEll anywho nothing exciting happening so far (unless you count me crying in my dreams as that girl in the red dress gets closer and closer to me as i waste unlimited machine gun rounds in her exciting D: )

and if anyone has a really really good imagination plz give us ideas for the comic we are running out of them (or we are just toooooooo lazy lmfao)

Well anywho a new theme change in about 4 days ^__^ annnnnd how are you all doing? Hope your doing well taking care of yourselves (not being lazy)

Well sorry for the delayed post and stuffs lolx!! well see you all around MyO!!

Hugs and kisses all that jazz(that is for the girl D: )

P.S. if your computer is now haunted its not my fault dont sue me but sue the girl in my BG D:<

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dirtbike + unseen patch of dirt = Flying 10 feet :D
Im alright of course but while riding dirt bike with my friend Troy I was looking back to see how far i had left him in the dirt lol then next thing you know i turn around and then im like "ohhh man this is gonna hu-" WHAM i saw my self flying i felt like super man just without the tight spandex and the cape and the muscles and the nice looking hair >.> (T_T)

I swear flying 10 feet is awesome!!! its like kool!!
well except the fact gravity is a pain and loves to "being people down" *pun drum roll* >.> *crickets chirping* -_-''

anywho To make it easier i posted the new comics (i worked double over time on them lmao

>>>>>> Crazy Undone Comics <<<<<<

the text looks better on te other ones compared to the first lol!!

Well other than that I hope your all doing great enjoying this facanacting(umm typo???)life!

I love ya all (As friends D=) ill see you all around I got to go clean now T_______T (anyone want to do my chores for me I ll make you a custom animated web banner for the person who offers >.>?

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