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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/11/05:
somethin random, it't not even a quiz!


Result Posted on 06/11/05:
YAY! another good one! ^.^

Which Yu Yu Hakusho Male will kiss you? by kirthyforever
WhenAugust 15 2995
WhyHe Loves You
What Did He Say After The KissWant to continue but somewhere private? *wink*
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Result Posted on 06/11/05:
YAY! i actually gota good result!

Which Yu Yu Hakusho Male Becomes your Mate? by andromedacblack
Your Name
Your Age
Favorite Colour
Favorite Animal
You metHiei
How?You were being attacked and he saved you
Why?Someone told him to
You First Kissedyou were sleeping and he woke you up with a kiss
How Much He Loves You: 96%
How Much You Love Him: 52%
Does it Last?That's a secret...shh
You were/are...he always is there...if not in body, in mind
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Result Posted on 06/10/05:
heh. he's so cute.

You got Naruto
Naruto! Hyperactive and show-off, but if you tell
him your feelings he will be very nice with
you. for dating you he is the best.

which of Naruto guys would be best in a date? (With pics) Updated!
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Result Posted on 06/10/05:
oooooooh!!! naruto! hehehe...*drools* dang! this pic sucks!

ooh...the trickster!
Naruto Uzumaki!

Which Naruto guy would you date?
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Result Posted on 06/10/05:
liked this one better. naruto likes me more! ^^*kiss*

Naruto Sleepover!!! (GURLZ ONLY!) by KuramasSweetheart
Your nickname/username
You got for spin the bottleNaruto
Sasuke is mad becauseSakura kissed him
Sakura is happy becauseShe and you talked all night
Kakashi wasReading
You were
You watchedWhose Line Is It Anyway?
You fell forNaruto
Your relationship results: 33%
He likes you: 90%
You like him: 71%
Who's mad?Sakura
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Result Posted on 06/09/05:
wow! she really looks like me! except 4 the bangs.

What color is your soul? by Day of Glory
Current Mood:
Your soul:
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Result Posted on 06/08/05:

What Would The Yu Yu Hakusho Gang Think Of You?(Girls) by Kyoko_Spirit
Day You All MeetMarch 7, 2047
Where Will You Meet ThemNear The Local Lake
What You Say To ThemAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!KURAMA!!!!!!!!~faint~
How Cool Are You To Them: 74%
KuramaYour kind for being part demon. *& cute since I'm one too.* ~blush while thinking that but you didn't see~
HieiI can tell your as good as Kurama so I might treat you with respcet.
YusukeHey your cool and if you could join us with your powers we be the sterongest team alive.
KuwaharaI cann't hurt you it goes agenst my honor.
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Result Posted on 06/08/05:

Crazy Inuyasha Sleepover! by blueberrymuffin
Favorite IY character?
Do You like Yu Yu Hakusho
Favorite non-anime show?
You slept over atNaraku's Castle
Kagome shouted "ouswari" whenPencils thretened to attack Shippo
Kilala flew away whenSango and Miroku were singing "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne.
Sango got mad at Miroku when heperformed a bad magic trick
Shippo was disappoited in Inuyasha whenInuyasha forgot what the Shicon no Tama was
Naraku came over and spoiled your fun whenHe needed a half a cup of sugar to make mind-controlling cookies.
How Crazy and chaotic the sleepover was: 32%
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Result Posted on 06/08/05:
HAHA! i stole hiei's mittens!

Crazy Yu Yu Hakusho Sleepover! by blueberrymuffin
Favorite Yu Yu Hakusho Male?
Lucky number?
Favorite yu yu hakusho female?
You slept at/in...Yusuke's apartment
You got dared to...steal Hiei's mittens
You dared...Kuwabara
To...to sing Kurama and Hiei's duet, Wild Wind, until they collapse.
Keiko slapped Yusuke when...he inflated a beach ball.
Kurama sighed when...Kuwabara called Hiei shrimp and tried to strangle him.
Kuwabara yelped when...Hiei told him that there was a ghost in the room
How Crazy it was: 96%
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