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Monday, July 24, 2006

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wellll.....headline says it all =]

today is my bday and i'm excited!!
seths coming over, wootwoot!
we'll probally watch pokemon and swim etc.

then i'm going out for SUSHI!!
my friends are all getting me family size boxes of lucky charms, lol. that i will eat all the marshmellos out of, hehehehehehe. cause i'm evil like that.
&& my friend hannah is getting me a tub of vanilla icing and a zatch bell figure, haha. i effin love zatch bell. its so ridiculously stupid!

i watched sailor moon all day yesterday, from the first episode, into a season where i didnt know wtf was going on. i completly forgot how goddamn annoying serena was. geez. hearing her voice was enough to make me wish i was deaf. lol.
well, i love that dumb show, but you know what i hate? the way sailor moon always, i mean ALWAYS kills the enemy. what about the other sailor scouts?? they have much cooler moves than her and she uses a damn tiara to kill them too. what the hell??

well i know everyone misses my funny pictures that i posted, so i'm bring back tradition! WOO!

end of post toodles!
[oh yeah, i made a new myspace and changed the song, listen to i!! =)]

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hahaha tom cruise n oprah!

now a video!!

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