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Friday, July 21, 2006

   guess what?
i deleted my myspace! yay me! haha. everyone was POed at me though, hhmm. oh well. internet journaling is a waste. andd me and seth had our 2nd aniversary on the 19th! ^.^ 2 months! && i got my braces off!! woo hoo!

rar. my birthday is in three, count em', THREE days! =O yayyayayayayay! well...i was wondering, does anyone know a good place to download the death note movie?? i must see it! mannn and a new pokemon game came out in japan along with a ton of new pokemon, geez, i need it, but its for the damn DS so i'm outta luck.

i hope everyones day is awesome!

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picture of the day:emo kid ina grocery store, lol! ((damn emos))

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