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Wednesday, June 15, 2005



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   hahaha!!! this is soooo funny!
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awwwww! look it's me as a doggie girl!! (except my hair is longer)
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this is sooo awesome!
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well, how's everybody today? i just put lots of pics up cause i'm bored. i drew a really cute pic of me and naruto last night. hopefully my scanner will work, so i can put it up as fanart.
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well, i finally found out how to add pics to posts, here are some:
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Friday, June 10, 2005

   hey everybody! well, i saw this a LONG time ago, but i wanted to tell you guys about spaceballs: gah! it's the funniest movie EVER!
my fav quotes:
(instead of yoda it's yogurt)
kernal dude: we found a door w/ a y insignea!
dark helmet: YOGURT! i hate yogurt!! even w/ strawberrys!!!

haha!lol! heres another:
lady person: we've lost sight of them sir
commander: then comb the desert!
lady: yes sir!
*shows 3 groups of men combing the desert w/ giant combs*
dark helmet to group 1 w/ big comb: found anything?
group 1: not yet sir
dark helmet to group 2 w/ big comb: found anything?
group 2: not yet sir
dark helmet to last group of black dudes w/ an afro pick: what about you?
group 3: man, we aint' found shit!!
hahaha!!! so funny! well bye!

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   awww...so sad....
A boy walked into a cd store
and saw a girl behind the counter.

She smiled and he thought it was the most
beautiful smile he has ever seen before and
wanted to kiss her right there.

He said "Uh... Yeah... Umm... I would like to
buy a CD." He picked one out and gave her
money for it.

"Would you like me to wrap it for you?" she
asked, smiling her cute smile again.

He nodded and she went to the back.

She came back with the wrapped CD and
gave it to him. He took it and walked out of the store.
He went home and from then on, he went to
that store everyday and bought a CD, and she
wrapped it for him. He took the CD home
and put it in his closet. He was still too shy to ask her out
and he really wanted to but he couldn't. His
mother found out about this and told him to
just ask her.

So the next day, he took all his courage and
went to the store. He bought a CD like he did
everyday and once again she went to the
back of the store and came back with it
wrapped. He took it and when she wasn't looking, he left his
phone number on the desk and ran out...


The mother picked up the phone and
said, "Hello?"

It was the girl!!! She asked for the boy and
the mother started to cry and said, "You don't
know? He passed away yesterday...

" The line was quiet except for the cries of
the boy's mother. Later in the day. The mother
went into the boy's room because she
wanted to remember him. She thought she
would start
by looking at his clothes. So she opened the
closet. She was face to face with piles and
piles and piles of unopened CDs. She was
surprised to find all those CDs and she
picked one up and sat down on the bed and she
started to open one.

Inside, there was a CD and as she took it out
of the wrapper, out fell a piece of paper. The
mother picked it up and started to read it.

It said: Hi... I think you are really cute. Do you
wanna go out with me? Love,Jacelyn

The mother opened another CD...

Again there was a piece of paper. It said:
Hi... I think you are really cute. Do you wanna go out
with me? Love, Jacelyn

Love is... when you've had a huge fight but
then decide to put aside your egos, hold
hands and say, "I Love You"

You Have 2 Options
1. Repost this as a bulletin
2. Or act as if it didnt touch you

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

some cool poems:


A lone girl sits
in the darkest shadows.
her blood stained cheeks
now mixed with tears.
She is always alone
having pushed away those she loves
for one, she only believed she loved.
She was so hateful,
full of vengeance
but now that she is back
to a normal state, a loving one
there is no one left for her
and so alone she must endure
the darkest shadows of her heart.
For it is her fate,
and hers alone.

Cold Rain

As i walk home through the rain
There is silence and darkness all about
except for the footsteps in the gentle rain
the children yet to have experienced true pain
and of my heart beating.
I stand there in the street
motionless exept for the wind that blows
my hair in a soft way.
Forgotten of course,I begin the cold walk home
to those who hate and degrate me
thinking it doesnt bother me
but in the end i will lash out at them all
and bind them in the darkness
as they have done to me...

So Cold

Cant you see these tears,
forming at my eyes
and slowly dripping down my face?
Why are you so cold?
All I do is care,
all you do is ignore
leaving me alone in the dark
and all so cold.
The nitetime consumes me,
locking me in the shadows
to sit in my pool
of hatred and self doubt.
Winds swarm around me
lightning gathers
thunders rings through the air,
the storm is gathering.
Hurricane gales
tornado winds
thunderstorm clouds
all loom overhead
about to crash down.
My storm,
my hatred
all locked within my soul.
Everything screaming,
trying to escape,
trying to be set free
but I cannot let it be.
The storm forever rages,
rages on inside of me
until it breaks loose
and my soul is set free.
Free from hurt
free from anger
from anyone..
but in the end…
all alone
in that binding cold.

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