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Sunday, May 27, 2007

aw yay! i'm back! i'll be on a lot more often! how is everyone been while i was away? if you remember me that is, lol. well my profile will be under construction for a while. anyone know any good html and layout sites for MyO?
all i know is myspace html. haha
well gtg!


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

heyy everyone! hows life?
its been a while :D
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Sunday, October 1, 2006

ello jelloo
Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingheehee! oi! i'm back! rarr. myspace is the most deadly drug on the planet. hehe. soo my life has been pretty jam-packed for the past while. mmm hmm. and i havent had time to keep up with Naruto or Death Note or any of my series. =((( *tear tear* love life takes control over everything. yes, it does. well, i saw Jackass Numba 2 last week, and it was the fucking SHIT.
mm hmm yes it was. and my school year, i must say, has been a piece o' shit. i'm failing all my classes =( bad start. buttt on a lighter note, me and my kiddo seth, might go to the BEACH! ayy!!
and thats all for today

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Friday, August 11, 2006

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how is everyone??
life is boring for me.
we are going to pidgon forge tomorrow (sat) woot!!
w/ brittany! i'm so excited!!! iv'e never been, so i'm pretty pumped!
welll...school starts on the 17 -_-' errrrgg...i HATE school...
but oh well.
its high school for moi! yayz!
i'm just happy to get out of the dammn middle school. yess!!!
welllz. i'm dying my hair teal and purple. WOO!
and i think thats all for today!
much love!!
buenos noches!!
**i will visit sites tonite!!! i promise!!
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Monday, July 24, 2006

currently listening to:

wellll.....headline says it all =]

today is my bday and i'm excited!!
seths coming over, wootwoot!
we'll probally watch pokemon and swim etc.

then i'm going out for SUSHI!!
my friends are all getting me family size boxes of lucky charms, lol. that i will eat all the marshmellos out of, hehehehehehe. cause i'm evil like that.
&& my friend hannah is getting me a tub of vanilla icing and a zatch bell figure, haha. i effin love zatch bell. its so ridiculously stupid!

i watched sailor moon all day yesterday, from the first episode, into a season where i didnt know wtf was going on. i completly forgot how goddamn annoying serena was. geez. hearing her voice was enough to make me wish i was deaf. lol.
well, i love that dumb show, but you know what i hate? the way sailor moon always, i mean ALWAYS kills the enemy. what about the other sailor scouts?? they have much cooler moves than her and she uses a damn tiara to kill them too. what the hell??

well i know everyone misses my funny pictures that i posted, so i'm bring back tradition! WOO!

end of post toodles!
[oh yeah, i made a new myspace and changed the song, listen to i!! =)]

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hahaha tom cruise n oprah!

now a video!!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

   guess what?
i deleted my myspace! yay me! haha. everyone was POed at me though, hhmm. oh well. internet journaling is a waste. andd me and seth had our 2nd aniversary on the 19th! ^.^ 2 months! && i got my braces off!! woo hoo!

rar. my birthday is in three, count em', THREE days! =O yayyayayayayay! well...i was wondering, does anyone know a good place to download the death note movie?? i must see it! mannn and a new pokemon game came out in japan along with a ton of new pokemon, geez, i need it, but its for the damn DS so i'm outta luck.

i hope everyones day is awesome!

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picture of the day:emo kid ina grocery store, lol! ((damn emos))

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Friday, June 30, 2006

welll...i changed my layout again! =] and marilyn manson as my song ((coma white)). soo...the other day me && seth saw scary movie 4! it was SO funny!! and then he came over then next day and we watched old pokemon episodes & sailor moon. (haha) the old school stuff. he actually hates anime, but he loves pokemon, lol. manga is still much better than anime, i'd have to say. today, me and brittany are going to the beach!! =D yayayayay!!! its gunna be uber fun! well, toodlez! have a great tomorrow everyone! ¢ú

PS: i found out i'm 1/32 BLACK =O


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me && seth dearest!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

well, yesterday was quite funn! seth dearest (my bf, whom you can see on my Myspace) came over 2 swim in my pool and watch American History X. good movie if yoo havent seen it. ya, and today i'm going to the skating rink w/ heather, yayz!!! i can't skate worth a crap, but who cares, lol! mann yes, i saw FF7AC while i was gone from here, in english && japanese. english sucked fucn butt! it was the worst dubbing iv'e ever seen in my whole LIFE! but otherwise the movie was great. welll...thats all 4 todays! toodlez!


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i wish i could get away w/ fashion like that...=[

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Friday, June 9, 2006

Boredom. thank you everyone who stopped by to comment me ^^ much appreicated! gah, i'm gunna hang out w/ my bf today since school just got out, YAYS! nuthing much to report. i'll write more tomorrow!


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Thursday, June 8, 2006

well well well....i havent been here in AGES! well, since i started myspace, in feburary i believe so? hmmm...well. i'm editing this thing quite a bit. and for now, if you want to talk or anything, heres my site link:


mucho love

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