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Saturday, April 19, 2008


well. i think yea....after all...its almost about time this post appeared

i've been thinking about it really. and like. yea. myO has been reaaaaaally dead. especially after VerVibrant. they dont link the profiles to myO. so no one other than other myO users are gonna come visit or anything

and yea. i think it was really sad that LS left. but meh. i can understand. totallly. well. im not like our mr beloved funny guy who ran out of his creative ideas and having to make us laugh n smile when we pop over. all MY myO has to offer. i guess. its just....well....ME. every part of me. (or at least. most of me)

i realised. this started in primary 6. and lasted me almost throughout my secondary school life. at least. well. sad to say. but. its ending here. now. with this last post im making an announcement of departure. im going. leaving. for. good i guess

its kinda disheartening that. well. most of ur friends here are like. gone or dead(as in. inactive dead) and no one comments or anything. so yea. u wont know if people actually are reading this or not. and yea. its kinda lonely

sooo at least. well. if u read this. least u know ^^; this has been a place where i realease all my pent up emotions and stress i guess. through words. tears( yes im the sort who cries n posts whenever sad). graphics. fuuuuuu~

well. this site meant alot to me. it got me through my moments of breaking down. when i didnt dare to open myself up to anyone. when i was confused about this funny thing called 'love' which i still dont understand. when i just felt so....horrid n down n needed love n encouragement

^^; dont worry. well. im turnin 16 at the end of the year. im not as weak as before(i hope) and i can handle these stuff better now (i guess). i've got good friends who care for me. i've got a friend whom i can tell my troubles etc to and will try n make me feel better... well. i dont know how long this is gonna last. i dont know how long he can be there for me(as my friend lol. dont think too much~ *bonk) but ^^ oh well. theres always gonna be someone out there for me. be it a lover or someone to be this good friend. ^^ daijoubu da yo~

eeeeh~~~~~~~~~~ well. im actually feeling urges to cry uwaaaaaah. i guess its nothing much. since i can even cry while reading manga >< im a sentimental. emotional being. ><. waaaaah~~ but meh. relax. i'll still be uploading my manga if i have time, and the same goes for my fanarties too. which. i havent really been doing lol. work is catching up on me. got soooooo many things to do n try to comprehend~~~ ^^ oh well. i should be able to upload more during the june hols or at least after the mid year exams. which is like. NEAR. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~

oh well. i should be free n happy n uploading on 13 may. since thats when im having my last exam paper ^^

so with that. i bid u guys farewell n take absolute gooooooooooooooooooood care of yourselves ne! >< and of course, my sincerest blessings for happiness in your lives ^^ not to forget. my trademark *meow* and a friend hug~ take care~~ ><

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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