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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

>< whoopsies

okay. guilty as charged. i havent been updating this pathetic n dead sitey GOMENASAIIIIIIIIIII

has been 1)homework. 2)tests. 3)trying to un-overdue homework. 4)file-ing up worksheets. 5)trying to remember everything im supposed to remember. 6)trying to stay alive. 7)trying not to stumble n fall( which. i almost fell on the stairs today. and i actually did. but luckily. i managed to get a grip onto the handrails ><)

8)trying to gear up for the performance this friday night, trying to make as liiiiiiiiitle mistakes as possible. 9)trying hard to teach juniors more n make sure they can play more of the songs. 10)trying. no wait. MUST take care of juniors. must act as a gooooood senior (facto. im not)

11)must try to be a goood student (meaning. not get caught for untidy hair, shirt not tucked in neatly etc)(my fringe actually touches the eyebrows and my shirt likes to remain on the outside ^ ~ its not like i didnt tuck it in but it just comes allll out nia). 12)must try to resist temptations to whack people who kept going on with the stupid goatyXme nonsense. then again. i just twacked lester today for doing that. meh. it sounded rather hard so lol i apologised a weeeee bit i guess. =D this kitty aint gonna allow anyone to thread on her precious tail and get away with it purrrrrrrrr~~~~~

13)has actually kinda gotten some idea of how to do maths questions HALLELUUUUUUUUUUUUUJAHHHHHHH!!!!! and at those moments when im counting lucky stars and thanknig God. more questions with stuff i dont understand how to do came straight to my face. OHHHH THE AAAAAAGGGGOOOOOONNNNNNNYYYYYYY!~

*is NOT a proud member of the TAF Club(Trim and Fit. this is like. normally for obese n overweight students) >< stupid new rule! now students who failed their Physical Fitness Pre-Test has to attend it. i FAILED my 2.4km run. bleah. >< i wish i didnt feel so lethargic n old n lifeless. sigh~~

i SAW that goat and *ahem* at the recess TAF session(which is like the only one we have to attend oh thank you god). and me. was like. trying to keep my cool with many people going on with point number 10 as stated above. ugh~~ GROWLLLLL. today. there was more jumping on trampoline. Zoe n Oli went behaving like CRAZY HYPERACTIVVE......BUNNIES?! or kangaroos. and they were being so hyper about bouncing on the trampolines. and well. twas bad enough. but what was more embarrassing was that they had to jump on the trampolines with their...butts....... >////< and even that goat and *ahem* was like. doing it smiling

me? i got off the hook since like well. there wasnt enough trampolines and when there were. i gave my junior the puppy eye to avoid this total embarrassment. i swear. if my cheeks ever grew red it would be at moments like this. i truly felt embarrassed to the core and that my cheek muscles were tensed. IT WAS LIKE SO FRIGGIN EMBARRASSING OMFG!!!! I DONT KNOW THEM!!!!!!

moral of the story: i should try to pass my PFT next thursday n fridae so that i can get out of thses miserable days of trampoline >< and TAF. yes this kitty looooooooves and adoooooooooressss her pride. so. yea. this. sucks. totally. ugh ><

*note. i'll upload the newest fan comic page on saturday. since i'll be poofed dead on friday and like. i should really be getting off the computer now since I HAVE 2 MCQ TESTS (PHY N CHEM)TOMORROW OMFG! and i havent studied much. *faints* *dies* *used up another of my cat's lives TT

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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