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Friday, April 11, 2008

   Potato-chan is sick!! =.=''
Yeah, that's right. I''ve got a really nasty sinus infection/cold/flu thing. My head is so stuffy and I've got a really sore throat. I almost vomited this moring...Ugh. It also doesn't help that I have these horrible crapms in my legs from exersising too much. Don't let anyone ever tell you that jumping jacks are a good thing 'cause they're not (at least for me)! >.<

Guess what else? THERE'S SNOW. LOTS OF IT. IN MY YARD. EVERYWHERE!! O_O Seriously, it's not easy living up north. Our school is lenghthening the school days because they don't want us to have a make up day in the summer. Apparently, adding 12 minutes to the day will make up for the lost time. I used to like snow days, but not now because they're making the school board decide to keep us in school for a longer period of time each day!! >.<;;

In other news, I have launched a grand scheme to make a short comic centering around my Tokyo Mew Mew gag character, Mew Peep. I still don't know if I'll be able to get it off the ground, though. We'll have to wait and see, eh?

I also had my work put in a galley showing!! O___O I'm so amazed!! I'll have photos up soon, if anyone wants to see!

Okay, that's pretty much it! See you later, everyone!

~Potato-chan out!

If anyone's reading this, can you please comment? I'd kind of like to know if this site is dead or not! ^..^;;

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Monday, March 3, 2008

   Snow (Ice?) Day!--No School!! =D
"You're really not going to like it..."

"Please, You've got to tell us!"

"Yes! Tell us the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything! We have to know!"

"Fine...The Answer..."


"To Life...The Universe...And Everything is..."





*Stunned silence*

"That's it?!"


"We're going to get lynched, aren't we?"


I love that movie.

My Dad found it on clearence at Wal-Mart a few days ago, so we just had to get it!

Anyway, I've been charged with making a slideshow about Girl Scout Camp to promote younger kids to visit. It's actually pretty easy, put a bunch of pictures into Windows Movie Maker and add some crazy effects, and PRESTO! The world's greatest video!

Well, maybe not, but I think it looks good! My mom (who is actually the troop leader) went nuts when she saw it! She did request some edits, but thought it was very good overall.

In other news, school was canceled today because of really bad roads. Remember the whole problem with living in Wisconsin? Yeah, you can never drive anywhere in the winter because of the ice. Not that that's a bad thing, though.

It gave me an excuse to procrastinate on my homework and spend the entire day watching movies, eating popcorn, drawing, and messing around on the internet.

I love Snow Days! Or should I say Ice Days?

Anyway, that's all.


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   FAQness! ^^
Okay, lots of serious artists post these, but I've never had one before, so I decided it's time to do it...

Potato-chan's FAQ o' DOOMNESS!

Hello, I am Potato U Princess. I have posted a little FAQ here to tell you about myself.

1.0) How old are you?

If you've seen me before on another art site, you'll probably notice that my birthday date and my age are never the same. As a rule, I never use my real age in the basic information the website requires you to fill in because, frankly, the idea of posting anything that might let a hacker get into my personal info scares the living crud out of me. At present, I am fifteen years old, though my account may not say this. On Youtube, it says I'm eighteen, which I am not.

2.0) Will you draw my character?

That depends. If I feel that I want to, I will. However, I may disregard any request that I do not feel comfortable complying with and if anything comes up that makes me feel uncomfortable finishing an art trade with you or doing any kind of art for you, be it writing, drawing, or anything else, I will tell you so and pull out of the agreement to finish the piece even if I told you I would do it. My art depends on my prefrences alone and I cannot be forced to draw anything I don't want to. Here are the things that I WILL NOT DRAW. Do not ask me to do anything in this list as you will get a resounding NO.

I will not draw:

-Hentai or explicit sexual material of any kind.

-Violent death secenes (disembowlment, decapitation, bloody organs...ect.).

-Violence involving any kind of disemberment (chopping off of limbs, ripping out of organs, disembowlment, decapitation, bloody organs...ect.).

-A character whose design I storngly oject agaisnt (like a female knight with enormus breasts wearing nothing but an armored bikini).

-A character who I otherwise dislike or whose design does not agree with my style or moral veiws.

3.0) Will you do a [request, art trade, commission, gift art] for me?

Simmilar question as the one above, but I feel it needs proper answering. I will not do requests or gift art unless I like you very, very much. In the past I did them because I thought I had to and that it would be rude to refuse. However, they ate up so much of my time and energy that now I'm getting to the point where I won't do art for anyone unless I get something back out of it or I know the person who I've done it for will actually look at it and say 'Wow, Potato-chan did a great job here, I'm so glad she put in the efffort to do this for me' instead of 'OMG!!11!! You did so greaat. I luv tis soo much!!11!!' and move on to other pictures having posted their happy little chatspeak comment.

I will, however, do art trades. I love them! You can trade with me for a picture, writing sample, video or whatever. I like to see other people's takes on my characters and ideas, so go for it!

About commissions...I'm sorry but I will not do them. You just have to deal with an art trade or request and digital art. I don't know enough about doing commissions to be able to pull it off and I really don't want to have to deal with sending any of my personal information or artwork through the mail.

4.0) You drew my character, but they look totally diffrent!

Yes, I do take diffrent paths with my art sometimes. I can't gaurentee how it will turn out. If I messed up so much that your character is totally unrecognizeable as themselves, I will edit the picture or redraw it. Generally, however, I'll usually tell you to stick with what I've drawn. If I don't think it needs to be changed, I won't redraw it.

Please note that if your character has some feature that looks diffrent from how you drew it, it was probably a mistake and I didn't do it on purpose. However, there are some special cases. If your character has freakishly big, water-melon sized boobs, they will be downsized unless you specifically state otherwise. this goes for anythingelse that I may deem inappropriate or I find hard to draw(short skirts, shirtless males ect.).

5.0) Hey, I posted a comment here a while ago to ask if you'd do an art trade with me, but you never responded!

I almost never respond to requests sent as comments on my art. Message me or e-mail me, but don't send me a comment. Also don't TyPe LiEK Th1z!11!!!1. That is my major pet peeve. You may use chatspeak or random Japanese words, I don't care. Heck, you can even do the little thingies around your name if you sign it (you know, oO~**Potato U Princess**~Oo) but please, please, type normally! If you send me something that looks like this: OMG, POtAtO-ChAAN, YuR ArT iZ so CoOL. Yo WannA dO A aRt-Trad3 wIteH? I will tell you no. If you message me again with something like this: I'm sorry fur typing leik that, do you still want to do the trade w/ me? I will most likely say yes, even if you do use chatspeak or intenitonal misspelling.

Anyway, that should about cover it! I hope this helps you when requesting art and speaking to me through comments, chatting, ect.! ^^

What do you think of it?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Happy Valentines Day!
Hello, everyone!

Dang, it's been forever since I posted ANYTHING in my jornal, hasn't it? Anyway, I've been really busy with homework and all, so I have not been able to post very much...

Anyway, I'm going to change my websites colors for the holiday! *^-^* What do you think?

I'm sorry about my faliure to post a valentines pic yet...I've had so much school and homework it's hard to find time to draw. >.< GRR, why must they give us so much?!

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day to you all, again!

Anndd now for the classic favorite--Questions of the day!

1.0~ How did you Valentine's Day go? Get any candy?

2.0! Are you a member of what I like to call, "The lonely Hearts Club", too? *Sigh* I just can't get used to the idea of having a boyfriend, so I'm single...besides, I don't want one right now. I've got too much on my mind to handle it...

3.0~ Like the new site colors? I do! It's soo PINK! Like the wonderful slimey skin of an adorable earthworm!

Anyway, that's pretty much it! See you later! =^..^=


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Friday, January 25, 2008

   Hello, everyone! I've recently gotten to be obsesed with...LAMAS! I even memorized the Llama Song. Now it's stuck in my head. And I can't get it out. Oh, crap.

If this part of my life were to be changed into an HTML document or website template, it would say . Or something. Never mind.

Anyway, has anyone else, praticularly those of you who have fancharacters, been getting those messages from theotaku staff saying that they changed the catagorey of your artwork? It's crazy...almost anything I've posted has been changed to "fancharacters". Well, I know it was in the wrong catagorey to begin with, but I didn't think they were going to be going around automatically chanaging it; I thought they were only doing that to recent art. I didn't think it was a big deal until I noticed that part of the message also said that if there were repaeated instances, they might freeze my account! O_O



I've been changing my catagories, but I'm still getting them! Does anyone know how many you have to get before they freeze or delete your account?

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say!

Have a happy Llama-tastic day!


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tablets and backaches...
Hello, everyone! How's it going?

I'm fine...except for the awful little injury I got this weekend while I was dancing to some music on the radio. I hurt my neck really badly, and it's driving me nuts...apperantly, I'll have to go to a chiropracter(sp?) to get the muscle and bones realigned so it doesn't hurt anymore.

Anyway, I got a tablet for Christmas!!! ^^ I am so happy! To celebrate, I did some new art!

Happy Christmas, All!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Soo, yeah...how's your life?


1.0) Check out my new art?

2.0) How did your holidays go? Did you get any presents?

3.0) Flying yellow Llamas!!!!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello, foolish mortals!

It's that time again...The Christmas cards. Every year, I make them and it's awful. I draw something, color it then can it, retouch it and make it into a holiday card for my family.

Happy Happy Joy. I'm loosing sleep over this...It has to be done by tommorow! O_O""

Anyway, as much as I hate to say it...I appear to have succumbed to the fate of most overly addicted fans. I'm doing animations of my characters and putting them up online for the world to see.

This happens to be part of Indigo's transformation. (NOTE- I'm going to change her outfit soon, but hey, I can alway update this thing, right?)

Anyway, I know it needs more frames and there's not enough movement. It's my first shot at this, after all... Anyway, tell me what you think?


1.0) What do you think of my crappy little animation?

2.0) How do you rate it according to a scale of 1-10? (10 is you really like it and think it was good, 1 is you think horrible and it makes your eyes burn)

3.0) As Christmas Break is coming up shortly, I will be doing requests/art trades. Do you want a christmas present? I'll draw one for you! ^^



2.0)Fishycrackers (I'm entering a contest she's holding and I need to draw something yet...)

Art Trades:


Hurry, they could fill up quickly! ^^ (However, if I run out of space, I may do extras for my very good friends *coughhintcough*)

Alright! See you later! ^^ Happy Christmas!


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   Hi! Annnd..Happy (early) Christmas! (Again! ^^;)
Hi! How's everyone doing?

I'm going out to get a Christmas tree this weekend! =D After that, I'm stuck doing gift-wrapping for two hours at one of our local stores. T^T

Ah, well...In other news, I've entered another contest! It's being held by fisheycrackers.

As of yet, she doesn't have any other people entering her contest besides me. i'm sure she'd like some other people to enter... *coughhinthintcough*

It sounds fun, and it's fairly easy. All you have do is draw a picture of one of your characters and Sauske from Naruto. The only catch is, Sauske has to be wearing a turkey suit. Come on! You know you've always wanted to draw that!

Hehheh...maybe I'll draw my chacter Indigo in a chicken suit...

Indigo: WHAT?!


Indigo: O__O *slowly backs away*

LOL! ^^

In other news, I've started reading a book series called "Hollow Feilds". I know I spelled fields wrong. I think my brain i a little frazzled today...

Has anybody ever heard of it? I think it's pertty good, for a manga written by an English author. Does anybody know when the next book comes out?

Anyway, now for...


1.0) Ever read "Hollow Fields"? If so, how did you like it?

2.0) Do you think you'll enter fisheycrackers's contest?

3.0) Do you think I should change my site's colors to decorate for christmas?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy hideously early Christmas! =3
Hullo everyone! ^.^

How art thou upon this fine day? T'is hideously early to be putting up Christmas decorations, do you not agreeth, my good fellows?

Don't you just LOVE old english? XD

Just kidding. I really don't get how those people could stand using thy and thou and words like that all the time! Seriously, it must have been hardeth to puteth the eth suffixeth oneth everythingeth thateth you saideth! XP

To get to the point...

Has anybody else noticed that people are putting up all their hoiday decorations early?!? It's a little weird, if you ask me...

Thanksgiving JUST ENDED! Our town had it's annuel Christmas parade just last weekend! It's crazy!

My parents already have the lights up. As soon as our realtives left, they started stringing them! O_O Dang, they're early birds...

In other news, I had to dress up s a giant peppermint for the christmas parade. It was awful!


1.0) Ever been in a parade? Did you have to dress up in an idiotic costume, too?

2.0)Are your holiday decorations up yet?

3.0) What doest thou thinketh of my Old English?

4.0) If you started seeing random tomatoes everywhere, would you fend them off with a giant flying squid of doom or just eat them?

Decide soon...they're coming!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

   Girl Scout Cookies are EVVVIILL!!!
Hey, everyone!

It's just about that time again...Thanksgiving. I had to design and print my family's invitations to our Thanksgiving Dinner Party, AND our cards!! It's making me crazy because I have printed 40 invitations and now I'll have to do over 30 more cards! XP

Also, I'm stuck delivering...GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! THEY'RE EVIL!!! I'm a cadette this year, so I sold 288 boxes, and no it's coming back to bite me!

Not only did I have to bag them, but I have to deliver all 288 of them...in the snow and rain...All by myself! Well, my parents are givingme rides sometimes, but I've had to do most of it on foot.



1.0) Are any of you in some kind of Scout troop that forces you to do evil fundraisers of doom?

2.0) Do you feel sorry for me?

3.0)Check out my new art!?! (It's in my portfolio! There are 3 pics!)

4.0) *HUG of DOOMM!*

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