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Hello! my name is potato u princess! Of course it's not my real name, but you can never be too careful online! As you can tell i am obsessed with potatos, anime/manga, and cuttlefish. my favorite anime/manga is Tokyo Mew Mew (I am a TMM fanatic, NNNNYYYYAAAA!!!), DNAngel, Cardcaptors, Sailor moon, ultra maniac and the one i am creating, Cuttlefish Bravo (There are more, but there isn't enogh space to list them! ^___^). One of my hobbies is art, (Well obvoiusly, since i am on this site!!)I am also in chior and forensics. My favorite foods are cheese and potatos...and guacamoli. i am also fond of any kind of fruit or dessert! When i am older i plan to be a professonal autor/artist or maybe even a professional manga artist!!!! ^_____^

*98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't copy & paste this into your profile.*

By the way, I'm also working on a tokyo mew mew doujinshi as of now... Tokyo Mew Mew ala Carte!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

   Hello, again!

Well, hello!

This is Tate. It's certainly been a long time, hasn't it?

I've recently gotten back into producing art and wanted to post an update in case anyone new stumbles across this blog and its associated portfolio page.

Currently, I'm not active on this account anymore. Therefore, I probably won't be responding to messages, comments, or guestbook updates.

It looks like I can't update much of anything on this blog right now, apart from the color scheme. It's a relief to know that all of my old art from middle school is still here, along with my old blog posts.

I won't be removing anything, seeing as it all brings back a lot of fun memories from when I was first getting into comics and animation.

I've definitely moved on, and the majority of these posts are from upwards of ten years ago. Please don't judge my younger self too harshly if I've said anything problematic in the past!

If you like the art you've found on my pages, or are an old friend dropping by to see if I'm still around, please consider viewing my more recent work on my more active social media accounts!

My Tumblr
My DeviantArt
My YouTube
My TheOtaku

Please follow me if you're interested in catching up! Most of my pages don't have much yet, but hopefully, that'll change soon!


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can I even edit this thing anymore?
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Teh stupid profile stuff o' death! ^.~
I thought this would be useful for creating profiles for tmm characters. Anyway, it's not mine. I found it on Mewmewforums.

The Super Mew Profiling System of Doom from Mew Mew Forums



Favourite Food:
Least Favourite Food:
Favourite Subject:
Least Favourite Subject:
Love Interest:


Background History;

Mew Name:

- Colours:
- Design:
- Boots/Shoes:
- Sign/Mew Mark:
- Pendant:


Anything Special:


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   Yay! My crappy fanfiction & character summeries! ^o^
Since nobody's ever going to read this, I figured I's post this stuff here...XD

A list of all the characters and their respective animals

Author Mew/Self Insert:

Eungella Day Frog
Taudactylus eungellensis

Tokyo Mew Mew ala Carte:

Omiltemi Cottontail Rabbit
Sylvilagus insonus

Margay Cat
Leopardus weidi

Blue Whale
Balaenoptera musculus

Tokyo Mew Mew Double Helix/Tokyo Mew Mew X:

Island Fox
Urocyon littoralis
California Condor
Gymnogyps californianus

Inyangani River Frog
Afrana inyangae

Mottled Eagle Ray
Aetomylaeus maculatus

Texas horned lizard
Phrynosoma cornutum

Melody Mew Mew:

Yellow-headed Amazon
Amazona oratrix

Glaucous Macaw
Anodorhynchus glaucus

Tricolored Blackbird
Agelaius tricolor

Eastercandy Mew Mew/Mew Mew Sweet Ambrosia:

Original Two Characters:

Marshmallow Peep
Marshmallowus Yellowus peepus

Chocolate Rabbit
Chocolus bunnimus

Two New Characters From The Sequel (They Call Themselves The Holiday Mew Two):

Candy Cane
Bawean deer
Axis kuhlii

Cyprus Whip Snake
Hierophis cypriensis

The summaries of all stories I have created relating to Tokyo Mew Mew

Author Mew/Self Insert:

My psychotic pet project. I designed a character who looks exactly like how I would want to if I were a Mew Mew.

Tokyo Mew Mew ala Carte:

My ongoing doujinshi. It centers around a trio of �Dark Mews� who are in fact animals with human DNA.

Tokyo Mew Mew X/Tokyo Mew Mew Double Helix:

This �next generation� story centers around the children of the previous Mew Mews. Mint and Zakuro�s adopted daughter, Cocoa, Masaya and Ichigo�s daughter, Indigo, Berry and Tasuku�s daughter, Loutus, and a new character, Raimu. Deep Blue returns and with the help of a new alien, Peppermint, they must fight him. The series is called Tokyo Mew Mew Double Helix and the actual Mew Mew team is called Tokyo Mew Mew X.

Melody Mew Mew:

An example story for my Tokyo Mew Mew fan character creation help website. I never actually plan to write a real story for them, but they were interesting to create. They all have the DNA of songbirds and their marks and weapons are based on musical notes and instruments. They dress in light pastel colors.

Eastercandy Mew Mew/Mew Mew Sweet Ambrosia:

This series is broken into two parts; Eastercandy Mew Mew and Mew Mew Sweet Ambrosia. In Eastercandy Mew Mew, the two main characters Peep and Fudge get injected with the DNA of a marshmellow peep and a chocolate rabbit and fight a legion of evil rabbit shaped marshmellow peeps created by a horrible experiment gone wrong. The second half of the series introduces two other characters, Clover and Candy Cane who call themselves the Holiday Mew Two because they both have the themes of different holidays (Clover is St. Patrick�s Day and Candy Cane is Christmas). Peep, Fudge, Candy Cane and Clover team up as team Mew Mew Sweet Ambrosia.

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