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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for not posting the testing and all makes me tired since we have to test twice a day but the good thing is it's alomost over. Oh something really funny happened today well this boy was sitting near the table wear a computer was sitting on. He had his binder on the table I was trying to read my book but my friends wear throwing notes at me. Well about the time I got to read my book I got alittle bit down the page then boom!! the computer moneter fell in the floor I was really close to where it happened all the glass was broken. You know that computer screens are really thick so there was alot of glass. At first I though the tv fell over but no good thing is no one got hurt. This one kid when it happened it jumped 6 feet in the air the kid that was sitting closet to it didn't get in trouble even though he might have caused it. Didn't get into trouble the teachers was telling how much many he'd have to pay for a new one but they were just joking. Well that was the highlight or my day I got to see an inside of a computer.

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