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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey everyone well the strangest thing happened to my computer saturday it went back an hour and all the clocks in the house had the right time I check I think it's werid. Well I was being lazy yesterday I took along nap I guess I was tried. Today is starts testing at my school we have it for 2 weeks I think the 6th graders only get a week but they'll have to deal with it next year at my school we call the testing cats. Well seeing my cousion saturday he showed me all his yu-gi-oh cards he used to collect he has some that is worth 60 dallors. That got me looking at the worth at mine I also used to collect them I only have about 200. So I loved on ebay to see how much some of them are I got one that's worth 20 dallors of course I haven't look through all them yet.

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