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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for not posting all week I was bust with school with was not all that bad it kinda made me feel better in a way. Yesterday was my band concert we played really well before we played we had to listen to the 5th graders and then the 6th graders. After we played we still had to wait for the high school to get done playing. My friend whated me to ware a skirt because she was wearing one the thing I hate about wearing skirts is I has muscular legs and I don't think that goes good with a skirt. The good thing is all the band kids got to get out of 3rd and 4th period to practice. At the beging of class my one friend told me that wed. after she look at my Inuyasha drawings that she had a werid dream about Inuyasha that night. Tomorrow at school is 80's day we get to wear 80's clothes I had to ask my mom what people wore back then because of course I was not born then. It's going to be cool I can go to school being dressed funny and allowed to. Well everyone I well talk to yall later have a good day it's Friday^&^

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