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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey everyone thanks for all your help with helping on dealing with my boyfriend cheating by pming me and commenting on my post and giving me some adive I deeply thank you everyone for all your help I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have such great friends like you guys. There's a good thing that I learned in school today since this week is the week before testing week we get to wear things for different days of the week. Like tomorrow is favorite sports team day we can only wear a shirt though but that's ok I only have one sports team that I like my friend asked me if I had a shirt I could lead her. Because she doesn't have any sports team shirts because she loses things. Well I was right about my friends at school making me feel better my one freind that's really werid made me laugh a few times she always does. The werid thing is before school my stomach started hurting but after I had lunch I was ok. The one funny thing is me and my friend were talking about the Easter candy that we got. Even though I feel alot better I still can't get over what happen yet. Oh I changed my song to my pace one of the endings from bleach I think it's the 6th it makes me feel better^^ sorry for the long post I had alot on my mind today.

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