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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Hey everyone I had a good first day of spring break today it was kinda boring staying home all day. But the good thing is that this gives me alot of time to catch up on my drawings and working on my story. I also need to clean my room I did one thing that my mom hates I pushed my bed against the wall so I can have more room she hates that ^.^ hehe. I changed my song to Bon Jovi I just like it better than my other one. Well here's some otheir site's that you can fine my on My yearbook as Brandi gaiaonline as Posion Fangs that's pretty much else all I get on if you what me to talk to you on any of these otheir sites you can. Well everyone I'm hopping by the end of the week to have more pics up for everyone to see well see you all.

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