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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for posting so late but I was at my dad's and I can't post at 12 there. Well I changed my theme back to Inuyasha I haven't had this theme in a while. The good thing about going over my dad's is I get to see all the kitten's. Well yesterday in band half the people didn't bring their insturments but the people who brought their's had to play lucky me I was the only clarinet playing because we only have two. Well that's was my day not really good but that's life talk to yall later.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey everyone well today is the last day of testing yay!! that's a really good thing. After morning testing the the librarian put on signs for our team to watch. Today gets to be really fun because since we are only testing in the morning and it's the last day thank God. Well we get to watch Night at the Muscem I know I didn't spell that right well anyway I've been whating to see that movie I'm saving up my money so I can buy it. We also get to eat popcorn while we are watching it^^ that's awsome. Well that's pretty much it nothing broke today but a kid in our class did in run into something. Being in 7th grade is really strange that your school I hope 8th grade won't be as strange I it will.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for not posting the testing and all makes me tired since we have to test twice a day but the good thing is it's alomost over. Oh something really funny happened today well this boy was sitting near the table wear a computer was sitting on. He had his binder on the table I was trying to read my book but my friends wear throwing notes at me. Well about the time I got to read my book I got alittle bit down the page then boom!! the computer moneter fell in the floor I was really close to where it happened all the glass was broken. You know that computer screens are really thick so there was alot of glass. At first I though the tv fell over but no good thing is no one got hurt. This one kid when it happened it jumped 6 feet in the air the kid that was sitting closet to it didn't get in trouble even though he might have caused it. Didn't get into trouble the teachers was telling how much many he'd have to pay for a new one but they were just joking. Well that was the highlight or my day I got to see an inside of a computer.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey everyone well the strangest thing happened to my computer saturday it went back an hour and all the clocks in the house had the right time I check I think it's werid. Well I was being lazy yesterday I took along nap I guess I was tried. Today is starts testing at my school we have it for 2 weeks I think the 6th graders only get a week but they'll have to deal with it next year at my school we call the testing cats. Well seeing my cousion saturday he showed me all his yu-gi-oh cards he used to collect he has some that is worth 60 dallors. That got me looking at the worth at mine I also used to collect them I only have about 200. So I loved on ebay to see how much some of them are I got one that's worth 20 dallors of course I haven't look through all them yet.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hey everyone not much happened yesterday me and my mom went down to my grandma's house my aunt was there so we cleaned up a bit. Since my grandpa is living alone my cousion moved in with him. I sent sometime with my cousion when we were down here. We went through grandma's jewelery and I got somethings I also took two disney movies that I whated. We got home around 8 it was really hard cleaning that house well not much else happened after that well I'll talk to yall later.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey everyone 80's day went well at school yesterday they were playing 80's music on the intercom and on tv they had a slade show and we got to see what the teachers looked like in the 80's. What was funny was our one teacher has almost no hair and in his picture he did. This one sub teacher dressed like Billy Ray Cyrus with the hair and everything. Well some people whated to know what I wore well I wore a black mini skirt with black tites skruchy socks those one flat shoes a long sweater with a bulet across my stomach a pearl neckless and really long earings. Also half my hair was on top of my head and it looked like a palm tree some of my friends made fun of me but I didn't care I was in a good mood and liked they way I liked. I was reading yesterday's post and I really need to check my gramer before a post. Oh well I done did it I'm glad today is Saturday I get to sleep in.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for not posting all week I was bust with school with was not all that bad it kinda made me feel better in a way. Yesterday was my band concert we played really well before we played we had to listen to the 5th graders and then the 6th graders. After we played we still had to wait for the high school to get done playing. My friend whated me to ware a skirt because she was wearing one the thing I hate about wearing skirts is I has muscular legs and I don't think that goes good with a skirt. The good thing is all the band kids got to get out of 3rd and 4th period to practice. At the beging of class my one friend told me that wed. after she look at my Inuyasha drawings that she had a werid dream about Inuyasha that night. Tomorrow at school is 80's day we get to wear 80's clothes I had to ask my mom what people wore back then because of course I was not born then. It's going to be cool I can go to school being dressed funny and allowed to. Well everyone I well talk to yall later have a good day it's Friday^&^

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey everyone thanks for all your help with helping on dealing with my boyfriend cheating by pming me and commenting on my post and giving me some adive I deeply thank you everyone for all your help I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have such great friends like you guys. There's a good thing that I learned in school today since this week is the week before testing week we get to wear things for different days of the week. Like tomorrow is favorite sports team day we can only wear a shirt though but that's ok I only have one sports team that I like my friend asked me if I had a shirt I could lead her. Because she doesn't have any sports team shirts because she loses things. Well I was right about my friends at school making me feel better my one freind that's really werid made me laugh a few times she always does. The werid thing is before school my stomach started hurting but after I had lunch I was ok. The one funny thing is me and my friend were talking about the Easter candy that we got. Even though I feel alot better I still can't get over what happen yet. Oh I changed my song to my pace one of the endings from bleach I think it's the 6th it makes me feel better^^ sorry for the long post I had alot on my mind today.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey everyone I changed my theme to Kenshin hope yuh don't mind that's the only good thing that happened yesterday. I was talking to my boyfriend on the computer and told me that he was cheating on me. He kept telling me he was sorry but I don't know if he really was or not I felt like killing myself I'm giving him a secound chance I'm too forgiving and kind hearted. But i'll see where this path goes I'm still very depressed right now I can't stop crying. I just need someone to talk to right now maybe my friends at school will help me out tomorrow.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey everyone well sorry about the drawing I'll try to get it up sometime later. Well my cat was being good today which is very odd I think he's planing something oh wait he's to dumb to plan anything he lacks in the brain. My friend called me yesterday telling me that she lost the paper that had the date of our spring concert on it which me she'd be up a creek without a paddle. The cool thing about the concert is were doing it outside if it doesn't rain which would suck. I'm trying to find new music anyone got ideas for me. Well I gotta look out for my cat being good I'll talk to everyone tomorrow see yall later.

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