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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hey everbody!
Well I have come to the conclusion that I miss being here so I'm gonna work on finding time to atleast stop by post and check sites!

SO yup how is everybody doing? Umm,,,, school, cuts into so much of my freetime. It makes me sad! I like school but not the 5 hours of homework i get every night! I'm so ready for Christams break? how many more days. lol

Well let me know how you are doing!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

   my weekend
So yes my life has been so so crazy lately. I have alot going on.

So lets see Friday noght i went to the Cherry Festival with my family. It was coool I got to take the kids on all the little rides and I said hello to a couple of friends it was cool!

Then Saturday morning I had oreintation. I've signed up for the summer college residential course. It'lll be fun, I'll be living in a dorm with a room mate for 6 weeks and then I get to take a road trip to North California. I'm excited because I haven't seen much of it! Its gonna be so much fun I'm excite and scared at the same time. My boyfriend is really sad that I'm leaving him for such a long time. But i told him he could come and visit.

And Saturday night was even more fun. I went to the Cherry Festival again but this time I wwent alone so I could hang out with my friends. I ended up spending the all my timw with my boyfriend though. hehehe.. it was fun. We just walked through eveything like a bajillion times. he bought me a crown and a rock and two airbrush tattos.... the look so cool! I had such a good tyime. I'm gonna miss him so so much when i leave! Anyways and after I got home around midinght my sister was at home with her friend about to watch Hostel (if you haven't seen it it is so sick) So I stayed up with them.

I woke up this morning on the couch around 10:30 in the morning. lol So yeah I have no plans for today think I'm just gonna chill at home! I reallly should clean my room though!

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

   red nails!
Haha... my nails are painted red (red nails make me th8nk of hookers, maybe i should re-paint?! :] And I'm wearing my witch hunter robin shirt (its awesome)! I loves it!

So yeah how was everyones day? (hmmm i don't know why I ask cuz rarely people tell me?)

Mine was ok! (like you care)

So tell me have you ever been hit on? Well i had a weird encounter today at the gas station! I asked me dad to stop so i could get something to drink and as i was getting my ice tea, this guy (he was very ugly just walked right up to me and was like hi I'm... ( i can;t memeber what he said. I was just like oh, and he was all so do you got a man, and i was like ya. It was just really weird cuz after that we just stood there staring for awhile and then i walked away! was weird! so yeah, thats the highlight of my day!

hurray tommorrow is friday! I can't wait! Weekend!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

   my day
was ok! Major ups and downs!

I've been on the phone all day! heehee my girl has been calling non-stop She is at a 3 day concert thing, so she calls me in between each band. I'm so so jealous, she gets to see like 70 some bands play and they are all like super cool screamo bands like seventh day slumber and stuff like that. SHe is all tore up from moshing though. She is gonna send me some pics of the pits when she comes home, so i might put them up not sure yet. let me know if you care t see them

then my friend Seth came over to chill! He is the best ever. i think i love that boy! the kids love him too, which is a very good thing! The down part is my brother-in-law hates him which is so stupid cuz he doesn't even know him. Well yeah he is pissed at me for letting him come over. but its stupid cuz this isn't even his house and he was in the garage when seth came over. Plus seth made he son happy by playing catch when he wouldn't. ugh... i''m so mad a him for being mad at me! that is so stupid that he is mad at me. It wasn't like i brought seth over here to make him made, his son just wanted someone to play cacth with, so whatever. That was the doen to my day!

but yeah... tell me how yours went!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

   Sorry I haven't been here in a while!
So how is everyone here doing? Anybody miss me? Haha I doubt it.

So things are pretty good! I have my fill of drama but there is alot of good stuff going on to so I'm willing to take the bad with it! My week has been pretty good! I'm like alwys hanging out with my boi Seth. He lives across the street from me and my sis likes him, so she always lets over here. I think I'm falling for him. Its cute! He needs to wake up though.... he didn't sleep all night so I'm letting him get some rest but I'm bored. haha

I didn't go to school today so I feel like I've just sat around and done nothing! I pretty much have!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

   so here is the thing!
I FUCKING hate people who can't drive and yes I said FUCKING!!! Not only did they ruin my sisters car they put the people I love in danger.

Well lets start from the beginninng awesome day at school... i just had an overall nice day. My sis picked me up like normal, we were haveing a good tine just being together some stupid person in front of us slams on their brakes for no apparent reason and my sis managed not to hit the car in front of us, but the we get hit from behind on my side by this huge truck. I got hurt the most because my nephew was in the backseat with me and he doesn't like to wear the part of the seat belt that goes across the chest, so i turned sideways and held him so he didn't get whip lash. So yeah I got it the most cuz i was sideways and didn't brace myself, but it was worth it cuz my little boy didn't get hurt at all. so yeah I'm really sorry so please for give me for not getting to your sites! I feel like a bad friend but i just want to late down! So I'll try and catch up tommorrow!


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Friday, April 20, 2007

yeah yeah I know! I haven't been here for awhile! Sorry! i just had a lot going on, but I doubt anyone really missed me!.

So yup. Life has been really busy and filled with way to much drama. You think you know someone but they never stop suprising you. Like my lil sis told me about a life changing decesion that she made. It completely blew me away.

Oh yeah and someone who i thought was my friend and cared about me, pretty much ruined my reputation. He is like in love with ,e so he told everyone that we were sleeping together and that all you have to do to get in my pants is sleep with me. So a bunch of people think I'm a slut and I figured out why alot of the guys I like never as me out.... he always tells them that I'm taken by him.... Ugh!!! I'm so mad. I hate rumors and those ones really hurt me becuase they aren't true at all. And now he expects me to give him another chane! No way!

well yeah before i left I said that I was gonna let you guys read one of my poems so yeah. let me know what you think! keep in mind I wrote it for someone that I really did love!

27 March, 2007

ďLetting Go of YouĒ
Well I canít write,
I donít know what to say.
Your feelings seem to change,
Each and every day.
One minute you want me,
The next its her.
You canít make up your mind,
To me its one big blur.
I understand this is hard,
And you donít know what to do.
But I donít have a clue,
I try to be understanding.
I want to let you heal.
But its getting really hard,
When I donít know what I feel.
Sometimes I feel like fighting,
To never let you go.
Or sometimes I want to give up,
Just let it be, let life flow.
I know I love you,
And I always will.
But its getting really hard,
My heart I wish to still.
As for my course of breath,
I wish it to fall faint.
To fear what I would miss,
To see what death would taint.
But when I think of that,
I then think of you.
How it feels to be in your arms,
Is like a dream come true.
And then it gets confusimg,
Where to go from here.
Life without you is impossible,
Losing you is my biggest fear.
But then I begin to wonder,
Would it hurt less to let go now.
To erase you from my life,
But to do that I donít know how.
The words I need to hear,
Its over, weíre done.
No more chances,
It ended before it begun.
Hopefully now the pain will cease,
The hardest part is losing you.
But you were never mine,
So there was nothing I could do.
So Iím letting go,
Youíre gone!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Well I think I got to everyone's site today. I hope I did... if not I'm extremely sorry! Let me know if I skipped you and I will run over there right away!!

Anyways.... how was your day? Mine was ok. Very laid back! Lets see... Last night I watched the movie Rent with my sis! I love that movie its my favorite of all times! Yup yup... so I didn't end up going to sleep until like 4 in the morningt. So yup I slept in today... it was nice. And then it hit me.... i have spring break homework that I haven't even started.... erg its 96 questions due Monday by 10:00 am. It sucks so bad because it is Chemistry and i don't understand any of it! So I tried to do it for like 2 hours and then gave up. I'm gonna call my friend tommorrow and ask for help. Oh yeah I also watched Happy Feet today! Thats an awesome movie too! The my sister's kids loved it! Yup yup... well thats pretty much the highlights of my day.

I tried to avoid depressing things, I'll keep those thoughts to myself for now! I wanted to keep this post lighthearted and happy! Well I think I'm gonna go I feel like writing a poem. Who knows maybe I'll even get the guts to post it on here.


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm eating dark chocolate! its my favorite!
Whats your favorite kind?

Well life has been extremely stessful at home! lots and lots of drama but i'm dealing with it just fine! i used to have problems letting go of people, i used to care what they thought and i always strived for acceptance but now i don't want it! i am who i am and i don't want to change. I've come along way to get here and I'm happy! So don't look down upon me for that... I'm living my life, you live yours and thats all there is to this world... if our paths cross for a moment in time enjoy it while it lasts but when its gone don't spend every waking moment wishing it was back because you could be missing out on something great that you didn't take the time to see was there. This is the conclusion I've come too. Letting go is hard but holding on to nothing is even harder!

Wow.... gee... I'm sorry for the emo-ness...lol
Always keep a smile on your face and look forward to something better!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

   I'm home
Wow I'm so so so sleepy! I got back in town yesterday. But we went to my moms for Easter. She made dinner. But I couldn't really eat it cuz she made ham and I don't eat meat! Yup yup... I'm a vegitarian!

Anyways I woke up this morning and I was so so mad. I woke up and my sister wasn't there. She left me at my moms. And my and my mom aren't really close cuz we had a falling out. Like we barely talk and i live with my sister.... yeah.... anyways it was so sad...i woke up in the middle of the night cuz i had a bad dream and she wasn't there. When i came home this morning i comlained so so so much! ERg..... my mom wants me to move home and i really don't want to! I like being here with my sister its like I'm part of a family. And being in a family really helps me out. Like i used to be majorly depressed but thanks to me sis I'm better now! i LOVE my sister!
well yup yup.... the kids have had way to much candy. My neice and nephew are bouncing off the walls....lol! its kinda funny to watch!

Well thats all for now! I hope you all had a good Easter!

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