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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Not really to much
I have not done anything too interesting because School has been canceled for a month straight now it actually got pretty boring. Last night I must have been breaking a million rules! These two boys came over and me and a friend all sit in my room. Well one of the boys went to get beer and my brother was interested. HE started asking questions and was then easily amused by the fact that I told him he could stay up (out of the living room) After many times of my brother listening to us he finally came in again when he heard us talking about a strip poker game. So... we merely ran back to my room and say the boys left. While we are sitting in my room drinking and playing, the boy my friend likes had to lose all of his close. While he is stripping my brother starts trying to get in. About five minutes later a friend who was with my mom calls and said we better hide cuz they on there way. (Which sucks becasue we had to get rid of all the beer bottles and fill the vodka up to where it had been) I learned my lesson though...Dont try anything when you have an asshole brother!

This girl that just became my room mate, dont get me wrong she is kewl, but she is always wanting to go drinking and shit that will get me in soooo much trouble and ruin my rep. I like it when my friends think i am innocent. (THEY believe you more) I cant believe I am saying this but I need one day with out drinking....Just wont happen cuz I love to party just as much as her

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