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Sunday, November 11, 2007

   Death Note ni watashi no namae ha haitta!

Updated my theme though I'm not on her much, I guess I only really come on to edit the theme. Oh well. There was WAY too much Hare Hare Yukai and Suzumiya Haruhi in it ^--^ now that I look at it. My Suzumiya Haruhi phase was fairly short lived.

My title means: My name (was) entered (into) the Death Note

Jajauma ni Sasenaide!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

   Life is So... Lifeless

Yes, newest obsession is the Hare Hare Yukai ED dance xD. So fun, wish I could learn it, I seriously would ^--^. Also, me and my sister watch a lot of random stuff on youtube, here are my random favourite screenshots ever xD. Also, I finished reading the sign of four, not as good as a study in scarlet but i still liked it!


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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Well I recently finished most of the Elfen Lied manga but I dunno if it's even done yet, I know the anime is with 13 eps but I heard that they had to change the plot a little because of book delays... I like how there is not a single hero in here, no one is completely good or bad. I felt bad for Lucy before becasue of her childhood with Kouta but now I don't want her to kill Bandou, I'd prefer him kill her, who I also didn't like before but he helps Mayu out all the time, lots of conflicting feelings there ^--^. There were also many times when Kurama was going to shoot someone and I was like do it! Do it! Or when he almost died (like five times) where I was like nooooo! *tear xD*

I hate how in the anime they gave all the diclonii girls pink hair >_< eeerr.... and how they limited their vector number and range but... o well ^--^ To avoid the ones with pink hair who shouldn't have they mysteriously don't show up on my site except as manga ones xD. >>>>>Nooooo Nana-chan does not have pink hair eeps!<<<<<
also, starting school soon so this may be my last theme for a while x3


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Not much to say, really. Well I changed my theme since I think Naruto could be a lasting one that can stay up and still keep new visitors happy :3. And I've been really into Naruto lately and this ninja game I've got, the game kinda sucks but I play it since it's the only ninja game I've got that works right now... sorry for the ramble X3. Here are some random pics of my favourite twins ever besides the Weasley Twins :D.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Did it... just because. I've not got much else to do ><... Hope you like Ghibli

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   Live Action, Anyone?

I've been watching tons of Sailor Moon live action lately, me and my sister. I mean, it's weird because it's so bad in fact that it makes you watch more, then you have to watch the rest xD. So that's what I'm doing, I'm at episode 7 I think. Production looks like it was a really cheap show and it reminds me of power rangers *i watched that back in the day*.

I've also seen one live action episode of Detective Conan but it didn't stick out in my mind as much without the cheap-looking transformations that are in Sailor Moon ^--^''. It's weird bacause the plot is different in the way that it's like Usagi popular girl meets and helps other girls who are either unpopular or unfortunate, which I'm pretty sure didn't happen in the anime but... oh well ^^'

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh, Tear T.T

Whenever I comment I see other people with the title "Senior Otaku" and think about how I used to be a senior otaku T_T until the smelly admins deleted my account for no reason. And I had so many friends and stuff >A<. But oh well, I'll work my way up again ^^;

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   Lost Time :o

*tear* I felt kinda bad because everyone liked my old theme and I still changed it because I'm bored and obsessive T_T. The best I can do is put Tip Taps Tip in here, ne? Hope so.

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- Chinami Hoshino -

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

   New Theme!!

Yup, so this is my new theme! The one I've been obsessive compulsively edging towards for such a long time (like three days or something). I was a bit worried putting my theme as Conan since it isn't that popular but... I like it so it's ok I guess :D. Even I didn't want to watch it but it came on TV which kinda forced me and I really liked it (though their huge ears killed me ^^;) Detective Conan gives me the skeeby weebies (not a word) I guess I'm like Shinichi and am a Mystery Geek ^^;. I started reading Sherlock Holmes just because of it. I'm at the part with Haibara and I wish she would go away *tear*.

I don't recommend it if you don't like mystery since it's all about that, and sometimes it's monotonous. They go somewhere fun, someone dies, Conan has to solve who did it ^--^;; sometimes it does that forever ><. Until there's a plot twist like Kaitou Kid or Ai Haibara or Ran nearly discovering who Conan really is 0_0;.

which reminds me! I should really start reading DNAngel again, I stopped after Daisuke started dating one of the Harada twins (Riku I think??), xD what reminded me was Kaitou Dark<-->Kaitou Kid ^^;.

hope you guys like the theme :D.

- Chinami Hoshino -

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Quite jokingly I told my sister that I'm Mew Octopus 0_0;... it's not such a glamorous animal but it deserves some attention like...say, Mew Snail or Mew Porcupine, those are good too XD

I like Lettuce's transformation, it's got awesome Spanish music in the background since she uses castannets *click click click, ole!* And I saw the rest but noticed in Mew Zakuro's trans. she has a crescent moon behind her like Sailor Moon XD shouldn't it be a full moon if she's a wolf? That would also make it different from SM which would be good lol.

I'm so evil with my crappy posts, bugging the pants off of everybody XD.

Also, to my own distress and some others, I'm changing the theme out of boredom and out of seeing other people with way more awesome ones ^^;;. I wonder what it will be...

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