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Saturday, October 8, 2005

You're Inuyasha! Your tough, mean, and you don't
take crap from others. You use force more than
you use your head. Even so, we all know you're
a softie inside, though you hate to admit you care
about others.

20 Q Inuyasha Personality Quiz-PICTURES!
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Tessaiga is a sword powerful enough to kill 100 youkai in one swing if you can master it.

You should wield Tessaiga!

Find out Which
weapon from Inu Yasha should you wield.

You are... Very Obsessed
Why are you taking this quiz? You already know
you're plenty obsessed and your friends agree.
You don't care though, nothing can part from
precious InuYasha. ^_^

Do you watch TOO MUCH InuYasha?
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