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Thursday, August 11, 2005

sry i havnt been on in so long!
yea sry i haven't been on in a long time... itz jus that i kinda got into alot of trouble bc of xanga. u know how they send u email? well b4 i canceled i got alot of it and all of them had stuff my parents didn't like... i deleted them but they never went away so wen my dad was looking around he found them. my ate tells me later that there s a way to delete messages permently, i just don't know how... so as punishment my dad took away my laptop and da internet and i hav t go to da library again... oh well i get outta da house. lol i dont start school till da 17! lmao sry everyone that went to pius... ^_^ well thats bout it for now. well if i don't get back to riight away i hope u can forgive ...but i'll try ^_^

mahal kita óż teri

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