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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

harry potter and making wallpapers
well last saturday harry potter and the half-blood prince came out, i dunno know bout yall but i luv hp so i got da book. so far its been kinda interesting. and i need ideas for wallpapers like what do u want to see? and what couples? or what anime show? so im gonna ask yall. just tell me what kinda wallpaper u wanna c i'll i'll try my best to make one. i'm also sorry that i haven't been able to get to everyone's sites. i have been goin everywhere with both family and friends and when i get home its only for a few hours then we leave to go somewhere else, but things will settle down when..... school start.... my mom & dad keep bringin it up! NOOO!!!!! well g2g. i my dad is telling me to go to sleep bc we r leaving again tomorrow... bye 4 now!
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