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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   i'm back!
i'm back from n.y. and d.c. i was gonna put picz up but my mom 4got to tell da ppl n walgreenz to put them on a disk... oh well. in n.y. i went to da statue of liberty, da uptown n downtown tours, n new jersey where i stayed n marriot. me n my mom were gonna watch a show but the tickets were sold out so we didn't. i didn't get to go to da emperial state buildin bc it was rainin n we wouldn't b able to c anythin at da top. didn't get to go inside da statue of liberty either bc da capacity was full for da day... all we did was stand outside takin picz. then my mom saw 6 for $10 shirt and had to go buy them. i was lookin at a cute black shirt with new york n pink sparkles, (so cute pink n black) wen the store owner though he had seen me b4, i guess he though i was gonna dod sumthin and starts bitchin at me. i was jus about to cuss him out wen my mom comes in and says we're goin, and my dad startz bithin at him back. wen we leave and look back and make sure he's watchin and flick him off... asshole! then at d.c. we went to da lincoln memorial and white house. again there were no more tours so we just took pics. we had to leave early bc we still had to go to manang and unlce bob's house b4 sunday bc my dad laft work without telling abnyone and he had to get back on time... omg. they have a really nice house. well thatz bout all i hav to put about my vacation so far so yea. i mite b leavin agin tomorrow to go sumwhere, i dunno yet

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