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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

sOmEoNe Is DeLeTiNg StUfF
i hAvE bAd NeWz! A fRiEnD oF mInE tOlD mE tHaT sOmE pErSoN iS hAcKiNg InTo OtHeR pEoPlE's siTeS aNd DeLeTiNg StUfF On It! ThIS iS jUsT a HeAds Up ToOk bEcArEfUl......
ThAt rEaLlY sUcKz. I hOpE nOnE oF yAlL's SiTeS hAvEd bEeN hAcKED! I'm sO gLaD tHaT I wIlL bE gOiN' sOmEwHeRe FoR sUmMeR ^_^ mE aNd My FaMiLy aRe gOiN tO cAlIfOnIa AnD nEw JeRsEy! YaY :p wE WeRe GonNa gO On A cRuz BuT iT WaS sOld OuT... oH WeLl... So SeE yA iN FeW wEeKZ ^_^ aNd wAtCh OuT FoR a PeRsOn hAcKiN iNtO uR SiTe!

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