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Friday, June 24, 2005

   hey pplz!

so howz everyone been? hope yall are all havin a great summer so far! i got an mp3 a few weeks ago, itz silver. my laptop iz STILL BROKEN! damn those ppl! they never send anything so we can send it to them and mah dad iz gettin' real pissed. anyway i'm gettin better at skateboardin but i'm still not all that great ^_^' at least i won't feel too bad wen a lil kid is better than meh. i got really bored waitin for my cusinz to pick me n mah lil brother up to go swimming. thank god b/c itz like 100 here in texas! well i got bored and got sum pic from a quiz, i would put more but the computer thakes like 10 mins to load so here:

i'm gettin contactz too, but i dunno when... oh well

mahal kita <33

>>hApPy SuMmEr To YaLl!!!!<<

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