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Monday, June 6, 2005

   what i did at galveston...
k well my laptop still isn't fixed... i don't know y either. and i'm just gonna leave the pictureless post alone b/c i have no i dea y they won't show. anyway at galveston we had alot of fun.i drove around with my cousins and went fishin.i caught 2 big fish. yay for me! ^_^ then we started runnin out of bait so i went jellyfishin with my lil cousins, hav u ever poked a jellyfish? b/c i did and when u poke them they glow blue and green! so that kept us intertained for a while. then i got a hook stuck in my finger... it didn't go too deep but it was b/c my lil cus scared me while i was puttin' on da bait... oh well i forgive him . ^_^ we slept at my cousins friendz beach house, which was really nice except for downstairs. i slept at around 3 in da mornin talkin and i had to wake up at around 7 b/c my mom wanted us to go home early... on the way home we got slushies and went to da sea wall, the boys, not including my borther thank god, got wet and had to go home in blankets. they sang that lonely song by akon while i videotaped them. then i saw craig (classmate who's going to a different school) at church and we bought cookies to help with something.
mahal kita <3

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