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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   my computer is messed up!
u know what suckz? the day i get my pictures from the picninc, i put them on a cd and then onto my cmputer. then the next day... my computer won't turn on! NO!!! so now da only way to da internet for me is to go to da library... now what am i supposed to do during summer, besides get out? did i mention itz like 100 down here? anyway for good news: a friend of the family is married and we went to some place to celebrate. it was interesting b/c they threw us bread rollz if we wanted any... it was funny b/c they threw it to my lil cuz n it hit him in da face ^_^ lol. i hope i get my computer fixed soon, but i'll also try to get to yall's sites when i go to da library k?
mahal kita <3
this is for all my friendz <3

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