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Thursday, August 11, 2005

sry i havnt been on in so long!

yea sry i haven't been on in a long time... itz jus that i kinda got into alot of trouble bc of xanga. u know how they send u email? well b4 i canceled i got alot of it and all of them had stuff my parents didn't like... i deleted them but they never went away so wen my dad was looking around he found them. my ate tells me later that there s a way to delete messages permently, i just don't know how... so as punishment my dad took away my laptop and da internet and i hav t go to da library again... oh well i get outta da house. lol i dont start school till da 17! lmao sry everyone that went to pius... ^_^ well thats bout it for now. well if i don't get back to riight away i hope u can forgive ...but i'll try ^_^

mahal kita óż teri

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

i dunno know wat to put

ok ima still have to make this short but i made a puzzle!! yay here try it out

tell me if u complete it ^_^
oh and soon ima puta link to sites that can help anyone that need help out k?
mahal kita óż teri

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

harry potter and making wallpapers

well last saturday harry potter and the half-blood prince came out, i dunno know bout yall but i luv hp so i got da book. so far its been kinda interesting. and i need ideas for wallpapers like what do u want to see? and what couples? or what anime show? so im gonna ask yall. just tell me what kinda wallpaper u wanna c i'll i'll try my best to make one. i'm also sorry that i haven't been able to get to everyone's sites. i have been goin everywhere with both family and friends and when i get home its only for a few hours then we leave to go somewhere else, but things will settle down when..... school start.... my mom & dad keep bringin it up! NOOO!!!!! well g2g. i my dad is telling me to go to sleep bc we r leaving again tomorrow... bye 4 now!
mahal kita óż teri

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   i'm back!

i'm back from n.y. and d.c. i was gonna put picz up but my mom 4got to tell da ppl n walgreenz to put them on a disk... oh well. in n.y. i went to da statue of liberty, da uptown n downtown tours, n new jersey where i stayed n marriot. me n my mom were gonna watch a show but the tickets were sold out so we didn't. i didn't get to go to da emperial state buildin bc it was rainin n we wouldn't b able to c anythin at da top. didn't get to go inside da statue of liberty either bc da capacity was full for da day... all we did was stand outside takin picz. then my mom saw 6 for $10 shirt and had to go buy them. i was lookin at a cute black shirt with new york n pink sparkles, (so cute pink n black) wen the store owner though he had seen me b4, i guess he though i was gonna dod sumthin and starts bitchin at me. i was jus about to cuss him out wen my mom comes in and says we're goin, and my dad startz bithin at him back. wen we leave and look back and make sure he's watchin and flick him off... asshole! then at d.c. we went to da lincoln memorial and white house. again there were no more tours so we just took pics. we had to leave early bc we still had to go to manang and unlce bob's house b4 sunday bc my dad laft work without telling abnyone and he had to get back on time... omg. they have a really nice house. well thatz bout all i hav to put about my vacation so far so yea. i mite b leavin agin tomorrow to go sumwhere, i dunno yet

mahal kita óż teri

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

sOmEoNe Is DeLeTiNg StUfF

i hAvE bAd NeWz! A fRiEnD oF mInE tOlD mE tHaT sOmE pErSoN iS hAcKiNg InTo OtHeR pEoPlE's siTeS aNd DeLeTiNg StUfF On It! ThIS iS jUsT a HeAds Up ToOk bEcArEfUl......
ThAt rEaLlY sUcKz. I hOpE nOnE oF yAlL's SiTeS hAvEd bEeN hAcKED! I'm sO gLaD tHaT I wIlL bE gOiN' sOmEwHeRe FoR sUmMeR ^_^ mE aNd My FaMiLy aRe gOiN tO cAlIfOnIa AnD nEw JeRsEy! YaY :p wE WeRe GonNa gO On A cRuz BuT iT WaS sOld OuT... oH WeLl... So SeE yA iN FeW wEeKZ ^_^ aNd wAtCh OuT FoR a PeRsOn hAcKiN iNtO uR SiTe!

mahal kita óż teri

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Friday, June 24, 2005

   hey pplz!

so howz everyone been? hope yall are all havin a great summer so far! i got an mp3 a few weeks ago, itz silver. my laptop iz STILL BROKEN! damn those ppl! they never send anything so we can send it to them and mah dad iz gettin' real pissed. anyway i'm gettin better at skateboardin but i'm still not all that great ^_^' at least i won't feel too bad wen a lil kid is better than meh. i got really bored waitin for my cusinz to pick me n mah lil brother up to go swimming. thank god b/c itz like 100 here in texas! well i got bored and got sum pic from a quiz, i would put more but the computer thakes like 10 mins to load so here:

i'm gettin contactz too, but i dunno when... oh well

mahal kita <33

>>hApPy SuMmEr To YaLl!!!!<<

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   .... laptop won't work again...

sry i havn't been on n a while, my laptop won't turn on again... stupid piece of crap! here are some things i got of my friendz site:

~ Boy- why don't you like me?
Girl- I do like you .. it's just ...
Boy- * just ...... what?
Girl- I'm so afraid to fall again.
Boy- this is different.. **
Girl- how is this any different?!
Boy- because this time... I'll catch you...~

~a guy tells you that you're hot, he is looking at your body;
When a guy tells yooh that you're prett, he is looking at your face;
When a guy tells yooh that you're beautiful, he is looking at ur heart...~

~Thanks to those who hated me,
You made me a stronger person.
Thanks to those who loved me,
You made my heart grow fonder.
Thanks to those who envied me,
You made my self-esteem grow stronger.
Thanks to those who cared,
You made me feel important.
Thanks to those who entered my life,
You made me who I am today.
Thanks to those who left, You showed me that nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who stayed,
You showed me the true meaning of "friendship"~

boys don't kiss and tell
they kiss and exaggerate~

aww... aren't those nice? sry guys but this was mostly a gurly post ^_^personally i like da 3rd & 4th . wat bout yall?

mahal kita <3

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

bowling and picz

k.. my laptop is fanally fixed! yay. yesterday i went bowling with my mom, dad, and lil brother. da first game i got 114 pts. the other games i was either 3rd or second b/c my dad and brother got strikes. then when we were leavin my mom said she saw one of my friendz but i didn't c him... i got some of the pics to show but u have to go to my xanga site to see them *
my xanga
they are da pics from galveston. my uncle and dad said we might go back and camp at a park place by da ocean. i can't wait
mahal kita <3

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Monday, June 6, 2005

   what i did at galveston...

k well my laptop still isn't fixed... i don't know y either. and i'm just gonna leave the pictureless post alone b/c i have no i dea y they won't show. anyway at galveston we had alot of fun.i drove around with my cousins and went fishin.i caught 2 big fish. yay for me! ^_^ then we started runnin out of bait so i went jellyfishin with my lil cousins, hav u ever poked a jellyfish? b/c i did and when u poke them they glow blue and green! so that kept us intertained for a while. then i got a hook stuck in my finger... it didn't go too deep but it was b/c my lil cus scared me while i was puttin' on da bait... oh well i forgive him . ^_^ we slept at my cousins friendz beach house, which was really nice except for downstairs. i slept at around 3 in da mornin talkin and i had to wake up at around 7 b/c my mom wanted us to go home early... on the way home we got slushies and went to da sea wall, the boys, not including my borther thank god, got wet and had to go home in blankets. they sang that lonely song by akon while i videotaped them. then i saw craig (classmate who's going to a different school) at church and we bought cookies to help with something.
mahal kita <3

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Friday, June 3, 2005

nothin new to put...

well my dad tellz me that the ppl will fix my laptop tomorrow in da morning. they say the motherboard was broken. great! did the picturez i posted yesterday show up? b/c everytime i look therez nothin' there. hmm... well how is everyone? i fine. ttyl
mahal kita <3

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