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Friday, June 2, 2006

   Long time no see!^_^
Heya Dudes and Dudettes (I hate that word.)! Wow,it's almost been a month since I've posted. Well, no matter, I'm ALIVE!!! ^_^ Here's what's happend while I've been gone. I got Final Fantasy:Advent Children on DVD(YYYAAAYYYY!!!!),School ended(Also Yay!),And in the mail yesterday I got some FFAC keychains that I found on ebay!They're so CUTE!!!! I'm also gonna try to get a wallscroll,Though I don't have room for it.I'll try to make room...and uh....I got 2 Nintendo Power in 2 weeks,I'm getting them too quickly!!....and uh....I could've sworn there was alot more to talk about...Oh! I'm one the 100 to promote to "Otaku Legend"!WHEE!!!! I feel so special!
I also submitted a wallpaper or 2 over the past few weeks, also got a new greeting.And I might change my theme soon. (I still don't have KH2....) But I don't know what to change it to, If you guys have any ideas, please tell me..I might submit a bunch of fanart tomarrow, so check back okay? ...Well,I think that's it!
See you all later!!!*hugs for all*

P.S. I not sure if I can visit all of your sites tommarrow or not,so please don't get mad at me if I don't gte around to it.

P.S.S And Thank you to all those who said happy Birthday to me on my last post! ^_^

EDIT: I put some KH2 music up. can you guys hear it? Give it some time to load.

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