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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi all!
Hello! Sorry I didn't post when I said I would.I've been real busy. I told my Dad about KH2 a few nights ago. Now I have a preety good feeling I'm going to get it. We talked outside for hours. I don't think we've talked like that...ever. It was nice. Anyway. I've been going outside more often lately. So my Mom's happy about that.And I got an Rurouni Kenshin T-shirt a few days ago. It looks awesome. And well...that's it. And last posts' answer...it was a trick question. It's not suppossed to have an answer. But those who did answer, Good for you! *gives a cookie* Bye! Here's today question:

What's your Zodiac sign? (Gemini,Taurus,etc.)
I'm a Taurus! :P

See ya all laterz!

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