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Monday, April 10, 2006

   Thank you all.
I wanted to thank you all SO much! On all of your comments on my last two posts! I don't know what I would do without you guys! *hugs*

And guess what!? I finnally got a Naruto Headband! Yay! Then My Dad went to go show it to my Mom, he put it on his forhead and started makeing these kung fu noises! ^_^ And I also Got an FMA Pillowcase! With an awesome picture of Ed! ^_~ And I FINNALLY finished chapter 4 in my FE fanfiction. Whew...it took forever! Now I'm almost done with chapter 5! I've been playing alot of KH:CoM lately...I just finished Sora's story and I'm half-way done with Riku's. And I have some fanart but I'm going to submit it tommarrow.My Birthday's in exactly 1 month! HUZZAH! And Today is the 16th anniversary for Fire Emblem! HUZZAH! *throws confetti*. Well that's it for today.I'm going to go try to beg my Mom if I can get a PS2 and KH2 for my birthday! Oh and here's the question for the day!

The Question of the day:

"If you choked a Smurf, What color would it turn?"

I'll be back tommarrow with the answer! Thanks again you guys! I'm going to visit you guys sites today too!^_^

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