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Saturday, February 25, 2006

   A slight change of scenery! ^_^
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My parents let me register for the tournament! w00t!

In other news:

I changed my theme! It The movie Final Fanatsy Advent Children! That dude Kadaj with the creepy eyes scares the crap out of my family. I find it kinda funny....heh heh....Anyway,I got the Fire Emblem ROM for the computer. By brother loves those games..and so do I! But I'm still on sword of seals...he's already beaten Sacred Stones. And I got a new video too. It's Gackt with REDEMPTION. It's a cool song! I suggest listening to it at least once. Anyway,my GameCube still busted. My brother thinks we should but a new one. And after all that trouble I went through to get that skin!!!AAUUGGHH!! Ugh...that's the main reason I'm entering the tournament...to get the money to buy a new one...and the money will pay off my debts....Well I think That's it for today. I might be submitting fanart....not too sure yet.Well see ya late!

P.S. If I win the tournament I get a trip to Tokyo!^_______^

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