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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   HUGE Update!
Sorry for not updateing in a LOOONG time! But I have a HUGE update for you guys! First,here's what I got for Christmas:
1.nintendo DS
3.mp3 player
4.portable dvd player
and that's all I can think of right now....

Then on Fire Emblem,I FINNALLY BEAT THE BLACK KNIGHT!And on friday the 13th too!How funny!And I got NASIR! WHEEEE!!!!!

Then yesterday I went to a friends house for a sleepover and played DDR all night long!And we did a bunch of other stuff....
And later I'm going to change my theme too.So my site is going to be under construction for awhile...And that's it!That update was alot shorter that I thought...well that's it! Bye!I'm going to go work on my FE fanfiction!YAY!I'm on Chapter 4!

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