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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   You guessed it!.......HUZZAH!Man I love that word!
Ahem,Season's greetings all!It's currently around 2am here,and,well ummm.....I dunno.Oh,I'm done with my first chapter on my FE fanfiction,It's took me two days to write that chapter.....snd This is gonna be my last post until after X-mas.MERRY X-MAS!Here's a card!

For those who don't know,I'M OBSESSED WITH SOREN!

Soren:....!? *slowly backs away*

*pulls Soren back* Aaannnnnyyyway,Consider this a gift!I give you......Fire Emblem look-a-likes!

Jenna:Merry Christmas!

Soren:..and a Happy New Year....

Jenna:That's the spirit!

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