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Saturday, December 17, 2005

''Huzzah Huzzah!A thousand Huzzahs!'' -Kieran
Greetings all!I FINNALLY BEAT FE:POR!YES!!!!And I did it all with NAESALA!HA HA!Ya gotta love them Ravens!I'm doing the game on the hardest difficulty now.It's not all that hard acctually...
Anyway,on to other news.Tomarrow.......I go X-mas Shopping!HUZZAH!(i like the word huzzah)AHEM!I'm not gonna say what I got them,cause they know how to get my site and read posts and everything.SO,just to be safe!Sorry.And I'm also gonna be starting my own Fire Emblem fanfiction.It's called:"Fire Emblem:Blazing Vengence"
Does that title sound ok?I've been trying to come up with one for days.Well!That concludes my report.By your leave,I will excuse myself.

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