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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hey guys!It's almost time for a theme change!HUZZAH!Anywho,I've downloading GBA games for my computer,I got FMA,Like...8 YGO,Kingdom Hearts 2,Fire Emblem:Sword of Seals(the one with Roy!^_^),Naruto,Pokemon puzzle challenge and some others.I haven't been playing much FE:PoR,I letting my brother catch up to me!LOL!Well,have I missed anything important while I was away?I hope I didn't...

ANYWAY!What do you guys want for X-mas?Here's my List!
1.Bakura plush
2.A DS
3.Yugioh nightmare Troubadour for the DS
5.A Naruto headband
6.The internet on my computre!

That's all I want!
In other news:
I got my Jnuary issue in the mail yestreday!I mean,JANUARY!It's not even December!Ah well,beggers can't be choosers,Well!That's for Today!Oh,before I go,If I'm not here,I'm probably at one of these sites:

Gaiaonline.com <----Online anime-like game.Here I'm known as JenniferMinamino

Neopets.com <------ You all probably know what this is.Here I'm known as jnl510

Battleon.com <------ online RPG!Really fun! Here I'm know as JennaRyou

kawaii-radio.net <-----online japanese radio.Here I'm known as pikapika

dgemu.com <------ROM site with alot of GBA games.Here I'm known as JennaRyou

batenkaitos.namco.com <------I'm at the forums.Here I'm known as GreatMizuti

That's it!I think....

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