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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   Happy Halloween!
Hey guys!Like the new theme?It's for Halloween!MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

Kalas:I thought you said you were going to do an Inuyasha theme.

Jenna:I did.

Kalas:This doesn't look like inuyasha to me!

Jenna:Cuz it's halloween!But after halloween I will do an Inuyasha theme!I PROMISE!!!


Jenna:Anyway,This s the theme for now....The wallpaper is made by:


Just so eveyone knows.And I beat Pokemon XD is EXACTLY one week!

Kalas:I told you you shouldn't play it all the time!Now you want Fire Emblem and Zatch Bell!

Jenna:I'm not bored of it,I still have to purify Lugia then I would've purified them ALL!


Jenna:Well,Gotta go!


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