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Friday, October 14, 2005

YES!!!!My scanner finnally started working again!!!!YES!It's a miracle!!!!

Kalas:I'd hardly call it a miracle...

Jenna:Why do you always have to be so negitive all the time!?It kills the mood you know...

Kalas:Sorry.....whats the so-called miracle again?

Jenna: *sigh* My scanner started working again!!!

Kalas:And that's a good thing...why?

Jenna:I can finnally show all my friends all my GREAT drawings!!!!

Kalas:Ok then....why don't you just show then already!!!

Jenna:I'm scanning then as we speak!!!!BAKA!!!! *slaps Kalas*

Kalas:Would you STOP doing th-?Wait a minute...I'm older than you by at least 5 years!Why are YOU hitting ME??I shouldbe hitting YOU!!

Jenna:You can't hit girls! ^_~


Jenna:Anywho!In other news:I got Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness on Monday!And been playing it even since!

Kalas:Don't play it too much.You'll beat the game too quickly...you'll have nothing to do otherwise...



Jenna:*gasp* You're right!

Kalas:Duh,it's ME. :D

Jenna:I guess I'll stop playing it.....for now....but I can't wait until Yugioh tomarrow!!!!!!

Kalas:That was kinda random...

Jenna:They're finnally going to show my Beloved Bakura again!!*hearty eyes*


Jenna:*dreamy sigh*

Kalas:Jenna you're scaring me.....

Jenna:*still has hearty eyes*

Kalas:Uh....I think she's done with her post for today....you guys can go now...Don't forget to chack her fanart...

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