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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

   Theme change!
Okey dokey peoples....it time for a THEME CHENGE!So,what'll it be?It's up to YOU!*points*
Here are the choices:




Random (my choice!Ha ha ha...)

There are the choices!

Kalas:That's not much of a selection...

Jenna:Oh Shut up!*slaps Kalas*

Kalas:OW!What was that for!?

Jenna:I said shut up!*slaps Kalas again*

Kalas:STOP IT!!!

Jenna:*raises her hand in the air,about th slap Kalas again*

Kalas:*Shuts up*

Jenna:Anyway,my scanner still isn't working....I hope it starts working again soon,be cause I have A BUNCH of fanart to show!From FMA,to ToS,to BK,YGO,YYH,etc.Let me tell ya,its a LOT.Well,I gotta get going!Cya!

Kalas:I still think they don't have much of a selection.

Jenna:Would you just--!?AGH!Forget it...please vote...

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