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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   The day has arrived!!!!!!!!
Jenna:WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!It's the day of my anniversary!And I've had lots of sugar!So it's Time to PARTY!!!!! *shoots silly string at Kalas* WOO!

Kalas:Hey! *grabs a can of silly string and shoots it at Jenna* HA!Take that!

Lyude:*sigh* children....

Jenna&Kalas:WHAT!? *shoots silly string at Lyude*

Lyude:Stop it!

Gibari:Hey,I don't want to miss out on all the fun!*Shoots silly string at Jenna,Kalas and Lyude*

Lyude:That's it!*shoots silly string at Kalas* Ha!How does it feel!?

Kalas:LYUDE!Calm down.It's just a party...


*Savyna and Xelha are near the punch bowl and watching us shoot each other*

Xelha:Heh,it's kinda fun watching them...


*Gibari runs over to Savyna and is about to shoot silly string*

Savyna:Don't even think about it...

Gibari: -_-

Mizuti:*wearing mutiple party hats* Xelha,what be going on here?

Meemai:Squeak Squeak!!

Xelha: *giggles* That's right Meemai!We're having a party.

Mizuti:Party?The Great Mizuti loves parties! *shoots silly string at Xelha*


Xelha:Mizuti!You're supossed to shoot at them!Not me!


Jenna:Ha!Take that Ka- *Silly string can runs outta ammo* Uh oh....

Kalas:Ha ha!You are defenseless!TAKE THAT!!!!*his silly string can runs outta ammo* Oh geez...

Gibari:Looks like you two are outta ammo! *tries to shoot Jenna&Kalas but his can runs out as well* I don't beleive this!

Jenna&Kalas:Ha ha!
*grabs more cans of silly string and tosses a can to Gibari*

Gibari: *Turns around and sees Lyude near the punch bowl* Heh...

Lyude: *minding his own bussiness*

*Gibari rubns to Lyude and shoots silly string at him in the back of the head*

Lyude:What the heck was that for!?!

Gibari:I felt like it! :P

Mizuti:*comes outta nowhere and shoots silly string at Gibari*
Ha ha ha!!!

Gibari:Heh.*shoots mizuti*Take that!

Jenna: *chasing Kalas all over the room trying to shoot him with silly string*

Kalas:Ha!Catch me if you can!

Jenna:Stay still!

*Kalas runs near the punch bowl then ducked when Jenna tried to shoot him,Hitting Savyna instead*


Jenna&Kalas:Ah geez...

Savyna:Grrr...*grabs a can of silly string and shoots Jenna&Kalas continuously*


*soon after Jenna starts chasing Kalas again*

Kalas: *runs near the door and ducks again.Ironcly,hitting yuyu,my sister,instead*

Yuyu:Hey Ever- *gets shot with silly string*

Jenna:*nervous laugh* Oh hey yuyu,I didn't see you there...heh...Kalas run!


Yuyu:*gets red in the face and is about to lose her temper*

Kalas:Your're right....RUN!!!

*Jenna&Kalas start running for cover*

Yuyu:YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!!!*grabs 2 cans of silly string and tries to shoot Jenna and Kalas*

Kalas and Jenna: *run behind Gibari* Sheild us!


Yuyu:Gibari!Hold 'em!Make sure they don;t run away!


Jenna&Kalas:AHHH!!!*run off*

Yuyu:Gibari!You were supossed to hold them!


Yuyu:Jenna...Kalas...where are you?

*Jenna and Kalas are behind the couch and Kalas sneezes*

Jenna:Oh geez!

Yuyu:*runs behind couch* AHA!There you guys are!*shoots Jenna and Kalas with 2whole cans of silly string*Ha!


~an hour or so later~

*Kalas is laying on one side of the couch and Jenna is laying on the other.Xelha an Savyna are STILL at the punch bowl talking.Yuyu is on the laying on the floor.Lyude is sitting in a chair with a confused look on his face.Mizuti's sitting mear the punch bowl drinking all the punch.and Gibari is Sitting in another chair*

Jenna&Kalas:*gasping for air*

Lyude:*sigh* Who knew parties could be so violent and exausting....


Weee!Wasn't that fun?That took almost an hour to type...whoo...Well,I gotta go now!Cya!

Kalas and friends:HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
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