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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile!I strangely got back into Neopets.Strangely enough,It accutually kind of fun!I'm not sure if you guys have an account or not but here's a link anyway:


And I made a REALLY cool music video yesterday,but....I don't know how to show to you guys....Ah well,I finnally woke up early enough to see pokemon,But I had to watch it on mute because yuyu gets a REALLY REALLY bad temper....and,it was kinda weird before pokemon started,it was all cloudy outside,then when it was on,they're were clear blue skies!Then when pokemon ended,it started raining.Weird huh?Me and my mom might go to the library today too!I'm gettin' some books on Japanese,alchemy and how to make plush dolls!^^'
And for those who didn't see the tour of my computer,please me my last post!^_^Well,that's it for today!Cya all later!*hugs for all*

p.s.I might not be able to visit all of your sites today!Sorry!
Oh,and one last thing before I go:

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