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Monday, July 11, 2005

Heh,just kidding!^_^;;;
But I have my layout ready for my 1year anniversary,I have music,an avatar,a banner and everything!Should I change the layout now,or wait until the 26th?
And,I finnally subscibed for NP(nintendo power)yesterday!Me and my mom have been trying to reach them for months!For my free gift I got a SSBM t-shirt and I have NO idea what it looks like!Neither did the the guy on the other end of the phone.And...Do you guys remember that BK wallscroll?Well,I got it!I accually got it about a month ago.But It kept slipping my mind to tell you guys.The wallscroll's HUGE!AND,I submitted some greetigs and a wallpaer!So you can go check those out if you want!Well,that's about it.And I have a question for you guys...
"Do you always eat a certin snack while watching a peticular anime?"
I do!Since the first episode,I ALWAYS have had mozzerella(sp?)sticks and pink lemonade for Zatch Bell!And I always have 2 bags of popcorn and icecream for InuYasha!Then I have a couple bags of ramen while watching whatever maybe on!Heh,I eat alot.But I only weigh about 115lbs.Heh...^_^''
Well,Gotta go!CYA!*hugs for all*

p.s.-I might not be able to visit all of your site today.Please for give me!!!!

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