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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Hi Hi Hi!
Hello everyone!Howz it goin'?Guess what!!!I"m going to the beach next tuesday...AGAIN!!!!But this time its at Galveston and its FREE!!!We're only going to be there for 2 days...But who cares!IT'S FREE!!The company my dad works for is doing a show down there and the company's paying for the Hotel.And I submitted some Fanart of what me and yuyu did on our last trip to the beach!Please vote and comment!^_^
Anyway,I'm thinking of E-mailing Otaku about putting in a new AMV (anime music videos)Category.Do you guys think it's a good idea?
Well,I gotta go.I'll see you guys later!Bye!

p.s.Next Wendsday is the 1year anniversary for Tales of Symphonia!^_^
*gasps* The 26th is my 1year aniversay for being here!I gotta go make some banners,and a new layout,I gotta go!I'm really busy!BYE!!!

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