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Saturday, July 2, 2005

   I'm back from the beach and feelin' good!!!
Acctually I came back yestersay but ah well.

I MISSED YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!But,The Beach was cool!Except there was ALOT of seaweed.And I mean ALOT of seaweed.It smelled bad....but there were still dolphins and fish and stuff.And Yuyu and I made something in the sand!I'll submit it in fanart when I have the time.Oh oh oh!And It was strange.There was seaweed until the last day we were there!All of a sudden the water was clean!Oh!And yuyu and I were walking in the ankledeep-water talking about bishis,anime 'n such,(as usual)when we saw something in the water.It looked like a stick or something,there were 2 of 'em.And then they wiggled!!!They were 2 big sting rays!!Then me and yuyu ran for it!!When we made it back to dry land we laughed and laughed!!It was hilarious!And the last day there was alot of sting ray in the water.It was weird....Well!I'll show you guys pictures when I get the cahnce!See ya all later!

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