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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hey everyone!Sorry I wasn't on during the weekend,There was a storm.Lotsa lightning and everything...Anywho!The Beach was great!We went fishing (the fishermen next door to our beach house even caught 2 baby sharks!^^),boogie boarding,lookin' for shells,We even found some sand dollers!Well,peices of sand dollars.But it was still pretty cool!And there were a TON of dolphins!Hundreds of them!Every morning and evening!In the morning I'd watch the dolphins and sunrise,during the day I'd either be outside or inside playin' gamecube (when it was too hot).And in the night,me and my sister would be out on the porch talkin' about anime stuff while the rest of the family was watching American Idol and Jay Leno.I also drew some fanart.(which I've already submitted)Anyway,It was great.I hope I get to go again this summer!^_^
I also heard that Naruto and some other animes are comin' to toonami this summer.Well,I gotta go!It's gettin' late.See yas all later!^_^

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