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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   Short post!
Konichiwa!Once again I get the computer all to myself!WOOHOO!!Anyway,um....well...I don't have much to talk about accually..ehe.^^;But,my b-day's comin' up!!(may 10)WEEE!!!!Yuyufreak and I are so excided!We'll be turning 14!YAY!^___^
Besides the b-day,it's just really boring around here.But it's been really really really windy.My hair keeps blowin' in my face!GRR!And I can't seem to find my pokemon fanfiction.It's been missing for quite some time now.Hmm..I wonder where it could be...Ah well,I'll find it...eventually.I always have drawing and sewing!(just recently I started sewing.well,more like cross stitching.)And I might not be able to visit most of your sites today,so forgive me if I don't make it to your site!Well,I'm gonna go and practice my ocarina!I haven'y played it in awhile.Cya all later!*huggles*
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Huh,that turned out to be quite a long post...

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