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Saturday, February 26, 2005

HELLO EVERYONE!!!I"M BACK!!!WOO!!Sorry for not updateing in awhile,First of all,my brother will NEVER let me on the computer (BTW,i still don't have the internet on my computer),and there's been nothing to post about!Once again sorry for not updateing.^^'
We went shopping a few days ago at Target.But sadly,they didn't have any DNAngel DVD's.:(
But I did not leave empty-handed!I The Pokemon:Destiny Deoxys DVD,A few pokemon plusies,Yuyufreak got a YYH DVD, and Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life.That game is REALLY adictive.I wanted Baten Kaitos but they were sold out.Well,That's all for now!I missed you ALL!!*hugs everyone tightly*

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Oh,I almost forgot:

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