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Monday, January 3, 2005

   Attack of the Baka!
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In other news:

Yesterday,my brother had his "friend" over!HE"S AN IDIOT!I was playin' ToS,then he came in and started insulting it!He always makes fun of Genis looking like a girl,Colette's wings,The Rhieards,The battle system,calls Lloyd "Robin",And whenever I start casting a spell with Genis,he imitates it in an insulting way!He makes fun of evrything I play,Like on FFCC he makes fun of the female Selkies for being too "revealing",the moogles,the music,and that you can't attack people in villages.He also thinks pokemon is too "childish",and yugioh is just plain weird.why dose he hate yugioh and pokemon!?!HE PLAYS POKEMON GAMES AND COLLECTS YUGIOH CARDS!!!He's an complete Baka!BAKA!BAKA!BAKA!BAKA!*sighs*Well,I'm getting tired,see you all tomarrow!If the baka dosen't show up again...

Question of the day:

What's everyones favorite season?
I like spring!Not too hat,not too cold,it's prefect!Besides,my B-days in the spring!XD

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He's a BAKA!!!!!!!

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